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Where is the fuel pressure regulator sensor located on a 1999 KIA Sportage?


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there is no fuel pressure regulator " sensor ", there is a fuel pressure regulator controled by vacuum located at the front end of the fuel rail.


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there is no fuel injection sensor, you have a fuel pressure regulator and injectors that are controled to fire by the computer.

The fuel pressure sensor is located on the fuel rail attached to the fuel pressure regulator.

there is none.there is a pressure regulator however.and there is a tank sensor sometimes that measures pressure in the tank. but not on all vehicles.

The fuel tank pressure sensor is actually the fuel pressure regulator. There is a sensing unit within the regulator.

Does not have a regulator. There is a sensor on the driver side fuel rail under the upper intake manifold

Gas sensor? Not sure what you mean, could it be a Fuel gauge sensor? Oxygen sensor? Fuel pressure regulator?

2000 sportage it is right in front of the oil filter toward the front of the engine.

the 1998 ford escort does not have a fuel pressure regulator. It does however, have a fuel pressure sensor located on the fuel injector rail. It has a connector attached to it and can be removed by taking out the attaching screws and twisting and tugging on it.

On my 01 sportage it is located on top of the air filter housing.

Are you referring to the (oil pressure sensor) or the (oil pressure regulator)?

Where is located pressure sensor on Chevy Malibu 1999

The fuel pressure regulator is underneath the fuel filter bowl on the righthand side of the motor. It has a two wire connector plug that goes into it. Also it is underneath the oil pressure sensor switch.

fuel pressure sensor is located on the tank

there is no timing belt sensor, only camshaft position sensors and crankshaft position sensor.

many different factors can result in a bad idle on a vehicle. some of them is the fuel pressure regulator, the throttle positioning sensor (located on the throttlebody) and faulty plugs & wires, or fuel injectors

What type of sensor? The tire pressure sensor is located in the wheel.

where is the oil pressure sensor located on a 2005 frontier 4 liter v6 thanks

there really is no fuel tank pressure sensor, there is a fuel pressure regulator though. it is located on the end of the fuel rail. 2 bolts and 1 vaccuum line and it is off. Actually there is something called a fuel tank pressure sensor. It's located on the fuel pump assembly which you access from an access plate located under the back seat on the passenger side. It has a hose and an electrical connector and a nut that you remove to pull out the sensor. good luck, they're not cheap. A little over 200 bucks . I know because I need one for mine. what he is talking about is a fuel purge, helps stop air from being sucked up fuel line thru pump, in a way i guess it does "regulate pressure" but that it not its design.

The oil pressure sensor is located on the back of the engine, next to the distributor.The oil pressure sensor is located on the back of the engine, next to the distributor.

In 2000 they weren't using one yet There is a variable fuel pressure regulator.

A fuel rail pressure regulator could cause trouble.

The oil pressure sensor, on a 2008 Chevrolet Impala, is located on the front of the engine. The sensor will be just above the oil pan.

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