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The fuel pump on the 97 Stratus is a one-piece assembly inside the tank that consists of the pump, filter, and various fuel lines.

If you intend to change this yourself, you'll want to remember that the fuel tank will need to be removed, so don't try doing this on a full tank, and make sure you have containers to drain the gas into and store them safely with covers. Put your car up on a lift. After draining the fuel, you'll need to remove the harnesses that hold the tank on the car. Get a friend or tower to hold the tank as it comes down. NOTE: pull the tank STRAIGHT down, not at an angle, because you can easily damage the fuel lines. I also recommend that you change out the fuel filter while you've got the tank off the car, the fuel filter is located attached to the top of the tank.

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It is in the fuel tank.

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Q: Where is the fuel pump on a 1997 Dodge Stratus?
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