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Is steel plastic?

No, steel is a metal.

What are the advantages of using plastic over steel wings on windmill is stell costlier or plastic?

Using plastic over steel wings on a windmill is a good idea because the steel will eventually rust. The steel is heavier and the motor on the windmill will have to work harder to turn steel, than plastic. The cost of the plastic is actually a little more than steel, though.

Why does sound travel faster in a steel than in plastic?

Because steel is denser than plastic

What car manufacture use boron steel?


What is a dustbin made of?

Dust bins or garbage bins are made of steel or plastic

What raw materials can you get from the mountains?

sheet metal, steel coil, slit steel coil, steel round bars, steel flat bars, steel channels, plastic resins, plastic sheet, wood, fiberglass, graphite

Which or what is the hardest steel chalk soap wood rubber or plastic?


What do you think sound will travel faster through plastic or steel?


Which material always sank in this experiment clay plastic or steel?


What is a fork made out of?

steel and/or plastic

What material is a garden spade made out of?

Steel for the bladeWood or strong plastic shaftHandle from steel and wood, or sometimes hard plastic.

Is plastic synthetic?

If by plastic you mean a material made from plastic as opposed to plastic deformation of say steel for example, then yes, they are synthetic.

How do you make a plastic hazy?

Steel wool.

What of material is a clock made of?

steel and plastic

What analog electronics communication?

plastic and steel.

What is steel brush?

A very harsh brush with steel bristles, in place of plastic etc.

Why is plastic used for trays?

Plastic is much less expensive than stainless steel.

What is the different between steel conduit over plastic conduit?

Steel conduit weighs more, provides more protection, and costs more than plastic conduit. Plastic conduit weighs less, is easier to work with, and costs less than steel conduit.

What is the to best way to separate steel cans from plastic bottles?

very simple. Use a magnet to collect all the steel cans & separate the plastic ones

Which one will undergo plastic deformation copper or steel wire?

Copper wire will undergo plastic deformation even though it does not break like steel wire.

Which or what is the hardest steel chalk soap wood rubber diamond or plastic?

Diamond is the hardest.

What are washers and dryers made of?

* They are made of Plastic and steel inside. And sometimes the whole body is of steel.

How much is 1 kg of plastic?

One kilogram of plastic is the same as any steel kilogram!

Where is Hindustan Steel works Construction Limited located in India?

where is hindusthan steel limited located

What is a refrigerator made from?

Steel, plastic and insulating foam.

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