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The fuse box containing the interior light fuse for a 2001 300m is under the dash. It is on the drivers side, at the kick plate.

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Q: Where is the fuse box for the interior lights on a 2001 Chrysler 300M?
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Is there a block heater in a 2001 300M Chrysler?

A block heater was not standard equipment on a 2001 Chrysler 300m.

How many speakers in a 2001 Chrysler 300m have?


Why are interior lights on overhead console and courtesy lights flashing on 2004 Chrysler 300m?

Possible headlight switch. Try wiggling the controls to see if it stop or gets worse.

What kind of freon for a 2001 Chrysler 300m?


How do you turn on the fog lights for a 2002 Chrysler 300m?

Just pull the switch out as you turn it.

Does the 2001 Chrysler 300m have a voltage regulator?

The engine computer is also the regulator.

Does 2001 Chrysler 300m have a timing chain or belt?

The 3.5L has a timing belt.

Will a 2001 Chrysler 300m 3.5L work in a 2006 dodge charger 3.5L?


Color code for crankshaft sensor for 2001 Chrysler 300m?

code is P2008

Can a 1999 Chrysler 300m hood fit a 2000 chrysler 300m?


Where is the oxygen sensor on a 2001 Chrysler 300M?

There are two in the exhaust on each side of the engine.

Where can you find the fuel pump in a 2001 Chrysler 300m?

It is located inside the fuel tank.

What does it cost to get a rebuilt transmission for 2001 Chrysler 300m?

2000.00 to 2500.00 depending on where you go

Where is the water pump on 2001 Chrysler 300m?

It is inside the front of the engine, driven by the timing belt.

Do you have to remove the crankshaft vibration damper to replace the timing belt on a 2001 Chrysler 300m?


Where is the low side ac port on 2001 chrysler 300m?

Just behind the Oil Dipstick

What size is the fuel tank in 2001 Chrysler 300m?

17 gallons17 gallons

Will Chrysler 300 rims fit dodge caravan?

1991-2004 Chrysler 300M rims should fit the 2001-2006 Caravan

Where is the starter on a 2001 Chrysler 300m?

It is located on the driver side of the block, just behind the engine mount.

Where is the oil sending unit on a 2001 Chrysler 300m?

Next to the oil filter - closer to the front of the car

What years did the Chrysler 300M come with a chrome shifter knob?

The chrome shift knob was part of the premier package in 2001 for only half the year. 300M only.

What is the correct type of transmission fluid for a 2004 Chrysler 300M?

A Chrysler 300M uses ATF+4 transmission fluid.

Where is the Fuel Gauge sensor located on a 2001 Chrysler 300m?

It is inside the tank, on the side of the fuel pump module.

Transmission does not shift what could it be it is a Chrysler 300m 2001 3.5?

Fluid, computer, sensor, wiring, internal failure.

Chrysler 300m thermostat?

The thermostat on a Chrysler 300m 3.5L is located at the end of the lower radiator hose, near the oil filter.