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Where is the fuse box for the interior lights on a 2001 Chrysler 300M?


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The fuse box containing the interior light fuse for a 2001 300m is under the dash. It is on the drivers side, at the kick plate.

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A block heater was not standard equipment on a 2001 Chrysler 300m.

Possible headlight switch. Try wiggling the controls to see if it stop or gets worse.

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Just pull the switch out as you turn it.

The engine computer is also the regulator.

There are two in the exhaust on each side of the engine.

It is inside the front of the engine, driven by the timing belt.

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It is located on the driver side of the block, just behind the engine mount.

Next to the oil filter - closer to the front of the car

The chrome shift knob was part of the premier package in 2001 for only half the year. 300M only.

It is inside the tank, on the side of the fuel pump module.

I was told it is a computer issue. Try Disconnecting the battery for about 30 minutes to reset the computer, then reconnect. This has worked on my wife's 2005 300c and my sons 2004 dodge dakota.

Hi. The fog light button is on your headlight switch. Take it with 2 fingers and pull it out. A small light will be on also idicating that your fog lights are on. Good luck!!

The thermostat on a Chrysler 300m 3.5L is located at the end of the lower radiator hose, near the oil filter.

Thereis a tag on the filler plug for the differential. On my 2001 300M the tag ready 80 to90 wt hypoid gear oil only.

The heater core is bad that's why you do not have any heat

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