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Where is the fuse box located in a 2004 BMW 530i?


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right hand side of the trunk behind the concealment panel and inside the glove box, behind the black panel in there. The fuse diagram sheet will either be in the black cover in the glove box, in the emergency kit on the trunk lid or in the spare tire well in the foam holder for the spare tire tools.

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The fuse box for BMW 530i is located in the glovebox/ compartment on the dashboard. Just open the passenger side dashboard and unscrew the two buttons on the top of the glovebox and the fusebox will pop down.

It is located in the glove box. Turn the two white fasteners. It is located in slot 7. 30a/32v.

There is one in the trunk and one under the hood.

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You can find the fuse panel diagram in the trunk lid repair kit

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The trunk lid emergency box should contain your fuse box diagram. the diagram should list the amperage, fuse numbers, and fuse location.

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