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its behind the panel under the steering wheel. theres four screws on the under side. remove those and pull out and down. its kinda of a dumb place to put. i found mine on acident.

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โˆ™ 2010-02-19 05:50:36
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Q: Where is the fuse box on a 1984 Ford LTD station wagon 3.8l FI?
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Where is the heater fuse located on a 1996 Ford Falcon station wagon?

the heater fuse is located inside the actual air-con unit, they put them there to save space

Where is the starter relay switch in a Ford Focus 2001 station wagon?

On a 2001 Ford Focus : In the passenger compartment fuse panel : ( relay # 17 is the starter relay )

Where is the fuse box on a 1983 Ford Country Squire station wagon 9 passenger?

Owner's manual. Driver's side under the dash.

What are the fuse diagram for a 1995 ford escort wagon?

The cover of the fuse block will have the diagram for the circuits.

Where is fuse located to 2000 Ford Focus wagon No power to radio?

where is the radio fuse located in the panel box of a 2002 ford focus

Fuse box diagram 1994 Ford club wagon?

how can i find diagrama fuse box i need find fuse or relay for fuel pump.

Where is the fuse box located on a 1985 Ford LTD station wagon?

take off the dash panel under the steering wheel i think its about 4 Phillips head screws it should be there on the left

Which fuse is for the tail lights on a 2000 Ford Taurus station wagon?

According to the Owners Manual: * fuse #36 handles the backup and turn-signal lights * fuse #17 handles the "Stop Lamp, Speed Control Deactivating Switch See "Related Questions" below for more

Where do you get a diagram of the fuse box on a 1993 ford escort wagon?

there should be one on the back of the cover of the fuse panel also there is one in the owners manuel also you can get one from any ford dealership

What fuse is the cigarette lighter on a 1995 Ford Escort XL Wagon?

In the fuse box there section itself with six fuses as your looking down its the first fuse and is 20 amp !

Where is the cigarette lighter fuse box for a 2004 Ford Taurus station wagon SE?

2004 Lighter/Power Point fuses: 25 and 29Click on the link belowClick on Owner GuidesThe Owner Guide ( which includes the fuse box diagram and location ) can be viewed online

Where is the fuse panel on a Ford 350 Club Wagon?

Check by steering column-maybe against firewall in that area

Where is the fuse box located on a 1995 ford club wagon?

May be at the left lower side of the steering column

How do you know when you've blown a fuse in a 1989 Chevy Celebrity station wagon?

You know your car has blown a fuse if whatever the fuse is for suddenly quits working. For example if your radio is playing and for no reason quits it may be a fuse has blown.

Where does the flasher go in the 1990 Chevrolet celebrity station wagon?

The signal flasher on all versions of the Chevy Celebrity is on the fuse block.

Where is the fuxebox in a 1984 Ford F-150?

I think the fuse box on 1984 is under the dash, on the drivers side.

Which fuse is for the fuel pump for a 1984 ford econoline 350?

Each fuse is labeled. If that vehicle actually has an electric pump, the fuse would be in the fuse box along with the others.

In a 1992 Ford Club Wagon what is the watt size of the fuse that powers the car cigarette lighter?

10 amp will do and be safe.

Where can you get a diagram of the fuse box for a 1988 Toyota Camry station wagon so that you can see which fuse is for what circuit?

Get a wiring diagram or manual from AUTOBOOKSONLINE.COM email me at and i can provide i have same car

Is a fuse box located on a 1985 ford ltd station wagon?

There is a panel under the steering wheel. You will need to get under there and unscrew the screws keeping it in place. Also, remove the ring on the remote cable mirror lever. The fuses are under the panel.

What fuse does the reverse lights on 98 Ford E350?

Fuse 12 - a 15V. I have a 150 wagon. Couldn't find the listing in the owner's manual, but I have an OEM shop manual and it listed fuse # 12 as the backup lights.

Where can you find the layout of the fuse box for an 1984 Ford F-250?

if you can find an owners manual for it. Those usually have the fuse box list.

Fuse panel diagram for 1984 ford bronco?

all u do is sit there and look then god comes

Location of fuse box in 1984 ford crown Victoria?

under cover below steering wheel

Can you use different amp fuses than the fuse panel calls for in a 1984 ford F150?

Not recommended