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Look under the dash between the steering wheel and the door.

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โˆ™ 2005-11-06 04:21:05
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Q: Where is the fuse box on an 89 Ford Tempo?
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How fast can a Ford Tempo gl go?

my 89 ford tempo goes 85

Where can i find fuse box diagram for 89 ford bronco 2?

You can find the fuse box diagram, for your 1989 Ford Bronco, by taking the fuse box cover off. The diagram of the fuses is on the bottom of the cover.

How do you remove the thermostat on an 89 Ford Tempo?

Follow top rad. hose.

How do you i change a fan motor in a 87 Ford Tempo?

If they have not changed from the '89, then take off the glove box door. Its there. Just remove all the small screws then pull it out.

Can i see a 89 f150 fuse box diagram?


No power to fuel pump on a 89 camaro?

check for a burnt fuse in the fuse box.

Where can you find a in-dash fuse box for a 89 Honda Prelude?

In dash fuse box on the 89 prelude is located to the left of your steering wheel approximately even with the bottom of the steering wheel.

How do you change a fuel pump relay on a '89 Ford Bronco II xlt?

The relay should be under the fuse box under the hood. You need to take the fuse box out and there is another panel that is upside down under it that holds the relays.

Where is Fuse box for power windows on 1992 Eldorado?

I had a 89 Eldorado and the fuse box is under the glove compartment behind the kick panel.

Where does the starter go on a 89 Ford Tempo?

the starter is located underneath in front of your oil pan its a round cylinder

Is there a fuse box in trunk of 89 mercury grand marquis?

No, under dash

Fuse block diagram 86 Toyota four runner?

where is the fuse box for a 89 Toyota 4 runner

Fuse for cigarette lighter in 89 Lincoln town where is it?

try checking the fuse box..... the numbers for the fuses are located in the manual

Where is condensor fan relay located on 89 Acura Legend 2700?

It is near the battery underneath the fuse box. It is necessary to remove the battery and fuse box to access it.

Where is the fuse box for a 1989 dodge ram?

On my 89 Dodge Maxi conversion van it's i the glove box. However I cannot find the diagram showing what each fuse is for.

Where is the fuse box on a 89 beretta and which fuse goes to what?

The fuse box is located on the driver's side dash between the door and the dash. As for what fuse goes where there should be a cover explaining this. If not go to the junk yard I am almost sure you can find one there.

Will the front spindle off a 88 or 89 Ford Taurus fit a 93 Ford Tempo?

There is very little chance this will work.I believe the Tempo is much closer in design to the Escort series than the larger Taurus/Sable.Personally, I wouldn't pursue this particular effort. Find one from a Tempo/Topaz.

What are symptoms of brain box failure in Ford F-150?

where is the brain box lacated on 89 f150

Where is the fuse box on an 89 Grand Marquis?

You will find the fuse box under a cover on the left side of the dash. Under the steering wheel are 2 screws that can be removed. Remove the cover and the box eill be visible.

Location of fuse box for 89 Chevy Celebrity?

The fuse block on all Celebritys is located on the bottom of the dash to the right of the steering column.

Fuse box location for 89 Chevy Celebrity?

The fuse block on all Celebritys is located on the bottom of the dash to the right of the steering column.

Where is the heater ac blower motor relay located on a 89 ford tempo?

blower rely for a189 tampo is undrer the hood to the ight side of he radator. A little k or gray box scwed o h rontofthe car

Can you drop any kind of Mustang engine into an 89 Tempo Or any other engine that would fit the car?

89 tempo engine will work

89 Toyota 4 runner radio fuse location?

Can't remember which one but one of the red ones in the fuse box under the hood.

Where can you find the EFI fuse on a 1988 Toyota pickup?

On my 89 it is in the fuse box under the hood on passanger side 15 amp closest to the firewall