Where is the fuse for electric front seat?

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Impossible to answer as you did not list make, model, and year of the vehicle.
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Where is the fuse for the front electric shoulder belts in a 1994 Villager?

Answer . \nIf you are looking for a broken fuse on this problem, then you are gonna have more than just the belts not operating (dome lights, power windows and more.) The fuse compartment beside the parking brake release handle contains the fuse for the belts.\n. \nSomething probable is the Iner ( Full Answer )

Where is the fuse for the electric seats in a 1994 mondeo ghia?

Actually the information is not in all manuals (if it is in any)! The answer is Fuse 28 Green30 Amp in the fuse box in the passenger footwell. In the manual it states it is the fuse for the headlight washer motor but it is also the elctric seat fuse. I used this information to fix my own car so I ( Full Answer )

My indicators wipers and front electric windows on a Ford Escort LX 1991 have stopped working is there one fuse that covers all these?

Answer . Check to make sure ther is not water in the fuse box. The fuses sit right under the dashboard on the drivers side and when the seal around the windscreen gets old it can leak water right on top of the fuse box. hope this helps. The answer above is a last resort check....after wrking in ( Full Answer )

Which fuse or relay operates the driver's side electric seat on a 2000 Ford Windstar SEL?

Answer . I believe the owners manual say it is #104, in the fuse panel that is next to the battery. My power seat will not operate and I looked in the book several hours ago. I still cannot figure out how to open the fuse box to test the fuse. Greg. Also make sure you haven't lost the ground to ( Full Answer )

Where is the fuse for the electric seats on a 1999 GMC Jimmy?

there are two fuse panels. one is on the left side of the dash,you can see it when you open the drivers door on the left side of the dash. the other one is under the hood on the drivers side. it says fuse relay center right on top of it. check both of these. hope this helps.

Where do I look next electric seat problems 2002 envoy first drivers seat quit and then passenger seat fuse ok?

Answer . Most commonly the problem is the driver side memory seat module. I would recommend disconnecting the battery for a few minutes, let the modules "flash" and reconnect the battery. If this doesnt solve your problem, the scope may be beyond the reach of a common backyard mechanic. A TECHII ( Full Answer )

When can you sit in the front seat in Texas?

There is no Texas law that states a child of any age can not ride in the front seat. The law states that anyone age 8 or under 4'9" must be in a child safety seat. However, because of airbags and such it is not recommended for them to ride in the front seat.

What is an electric fuse?

Normally a fuse is a device in your home fuse box that will blow out or shut down the electricity to an area of your home that had a overload of current drawn. A circuit breaker may be used in place of an fuse.

How old do you have to be to sit in the front seat?

It depends on the laws of your home state, but in the State of Texas all children younger than 8 years old, unless taller than 4'9", are required to be in the appropriate child safety seat system wherever they ride in a passenger vehicle. The safety seat system MUST be installed according to the man ( Full Answer )

Where is the fuse for the seats in a 2002 c240?

\nC class have three fuse boxes .. One under the hood ( Left driver side below cover ), Behind left panel facing door on driver side next to steering.. wheel. need to open door to see it .. remove panel ( snaps out) this fuse box should have a folded has the paper fuse diagram ( factory origin ( Full Answer )

Where is the fuse that controls the seat heaters?

The fuse for the controls on the seat heaters in an automobile arerelay switches that are inside the engine compartment on mostvehicles. There should be a bank of relay switches, either on topof the battery or very near it.

Fuse for heated seats?

The fuse for heated seats prevents the circuit from beingoverloaded and damaged. It is typically found inside the main fusebox near the hood release.

Cars with front bench seats?

the front seat will be like that of rear one, i.e it will not be 2separate seats in front.so it may afford more than 2 personcomfortably in front

How old to sit in front seat?

It varies with state laws. Check with your local DMV office. In most places it should be about 13 years old maybe 12 or 14 but mostly 13. In Texas, there is no law about it, it is just recommended that the older, the better.

When can you sit in the front seat in NC?

The age varies from state to state. Mostly it is categorized by weight. There should be a child warning above your visor on the drivers side. In California I believe its 12 years or 40 lbs.

What is the weight to sit in the front seat?

It doesn't matter how much. If the light goes on that means you can't sit in front but if it goes off you can. Different countries have different legislation, you need to check the law where you are. In addition most cars do not have indicator lights for this.

How do you get the front seat out of an 85 celebrity?

I guess not many poor folk are asking how to fix old cars on line -- so I'll answer this myself as far as I got in case it helps someone else.. 1) The seat rests on 4 legs of formed steel sheet. Each is covered by a plastic foot shield. Each plastic shield is held on by a single Philips head screw. ( Full Answer )

How do you remove the front seats in a 560sl?

The seats in the early SL's are all manual. The only thing you need to address first are the seat belt warning light sensor cables underneath the seat. Just pull the connector apart. Then, slide the seat as far forward as you can. There are the seat tracks on each side of the seat, and yours might h ( Full Answer )

What is the age when a child can seat in the front seat?

In central Europe, children can go in the front seat with a child seat from the age of 8. In the US however, the minimum age is 12 Sasa Gavikova: Sorry for my english, i am cech. The minimum age of driving in the front sear in central europe in 8 with a child's seet. Jirina: from 2.03. ( Full Answer )

How do you remove front seat g35?

remove four end caps from metal base below seat ..remove two bolts slide seat remove other two bolts....make sure batttery disconected at least 30 mins before unpluging seat...(airbag in seat)

When can your child sit in the front seat?

it depends where do u live the laws r different evrywhere While you should always take into account your local regulations, you should also be aware of the pros and cons associated with frontal airbags (the main reason why small children typically should not be allowed to use the front seat). ( Full Answer )

Where is the fuse for the auto seat belts?

In the fuse box!!! Yes, there is more than one fuse box, (underdash and underhood). But, if you remove the cover to the fuse boxes, assuming they are there. There should be a description of the circuit that each fuse is attached to. Or, find a wiring diagram for the seat belt circuit that is for you ( Full Answer )

Which fuse is it for seat belt alarm?

Grayghost19. Look at your book that came with the car or call a dealership near your home, ask for the service dept. Good Luck

Why does the fuse keep blowing on electric drivers seat c class?

Fuses That "Blow" Repeatedly Without being able to "hands on" troubleshoot the circuit served by the repeatedly blowing fuse, no one can identify the specific cause/defect which is causing your problem. Therefore, the following generic answer can be applied to any electrical circuit , whether ( Full Answer )

How tall do you have to sit in the front seat?

Well, I sit in the front seat and I am 12 but I think I started when I was eleven. I am still not allowed to sit in the front seat when we drive for a long time or go on dangerous roads. I am 5 foot 3 but I would say that 4 foot 10 is a good height. I hope that helps!

When can a child sit in the front seat?

A child can sit in the front seat whenever they or the parent chooses. There is no current law about what age a Chile must be to be able to sit in the front seat. The reccommended age is 13 or older. This answer is not technically correct in MA,and I suspect in many other states. According to the ( Full Answer )

What is the law for sitting in the front seat?

In South Carolina, like in most other states, there is not really a set law. However, the recommended age is 12. You should also be over 4ft 8in and weigh over 100 lbs. You also should check the laws in your state to make your final decsicion.

Do Jeeps have bench seats in front?

haha well it matters. my dad got me a spwcialy made one an well mine are on the back.So while im riding the countr side my to kids can have a look out the back!! :)

How do you remove a cabriolet front seat?

Slide seat back as far as it will go.Look under the middle of the front of the seat and you will find a acorn nut and bolt ,remove same.Lift/raise the seat slide handle up and push the seat back off the center slider. Note there is a spring loaded pin up front that will release the seat fully and th ( Full Answer )

Do you have a fuse to run your seat belts?

Yes, there is a fuse that runs the sliding seat belt mechanism on the S-series Saturn. It's the same fuse that runs the door locks, so if the locks work from the drivers or passenger side, it's not the fuse. The owners manual suggests that the seat belt track be periodically lubricated as part of ( Full Answer )

Where is the fuse for the power seat in an expedition?

The first model year of the Ford Expedition was ( 1997 ) and the ( 2013 ) model owners manual is on the Ford website , what model year is your Ford Expedition , a little more information please ( Helpfull )

What are electrical fuses?

Safety devices used in electrical circuits. Answer A fuse is an overcurrent protection device, and will operate in the event of a sustained overload current or a short-circuit current.