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where is the fuse for the airconditioning for 2000 jetta vw located

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What is the location of the interior fuse in a 01 dodge caravan?

where is the interior fuse located at in a 01 dodge caravan

What is a window regulator on a 01 VW Jetta?

what is a window regulator on a 01 vw jetta

Where is the clutch fluid reservoir for a 2001 jetta?

01 jetta have One reservoir for clutch and for brakes.

Where is the bcm prgrm fuse located on a 01 Montana?

It's fuse number 47 in the '01 Montana. It is 47 on most of the GM minivans of that era. See for a schematic of the fuse box. You need to open the passenger side door to get at the fuses.

What if your headlight and taillight do not work although your brake light does did you blow a fuse if so where is the fuse box located on an 01 sportster?

Behind the left side cover on the inside of the plate.

How much is it to change a serpentine belt on a 01 Volkswagen Jetta?

about $135 at the dealership

Where is the fuse located for instrument panel 01 suzuki bandit 1200?

lift the seat. behind the locking mechanism you'll see two small black blocks. one of them says FUSE on it.

Where would you find the fuse for the cigarette lighter in your 2005 KIA spectra 4 door sedan mine doesn't work.?

on the 01 spectras the fuse is located in the drivers side kick panel by the floor

Proper spark plug gap for 01 vw jetta?

the information I have is .8mm electrode gap

Will a 99-94 golf hood fit a 01 jetta?

No, different attachment dimensions.

What does code p0702 on 01 jetta mean?

Trouble code P0702 means: Transmission Control System Electrical

How do you fix an '01 Alero if the tail light and dash lights are out?

check for a bad fuse in the fuse panel.

How do you find the cigarette lighter fuse in a Nissan Altima?

The fuse box panel typically identifies the fuses on the back side (my '01 Max has a sticker on the backside of the panel that shows which fuse is for the lighter).Another suggestion:On a 2008 Nissan Altima, the blown cigarette lighter fuse was located in the driver side panel labeled SOCKET- 15 amps.

Where is the fuel pump relay for a GMC sierra 01 2500?

should be located in underhood fuse/relay center, refer to diagram on inside of plastic cover to determine which one

Where is the fuse locateed on a ford escort 01 zx2 don't have owners manual?

Fuse box is located below the lower left side of the dash panel. Inside of the fuse box cover it has a diagram of what size and what the fuze is associated with the cars function. It also has a plce for spare fuzes and a removal tool as well.

Blinker problems 01 expedition?

Change your blinker fuse / relay.

What weight oil for 2001 2.0 volkswagen jetta?

VW Spec # 502 00, 500 00, or 501 01. 5w30

Is the ac clutch and compressor one integrated unit or separate units on the '01 VW Jetta VR6?

Seperate units.

Where is the tps located on an 01 f150?

where is the tps located on a 1994 f150

Where is the brake light switch on 01 Lincoln ls?

Break light fuse

What is the tire size on a 2001 Jetta 1.8T?

15" x 7" i think on my 01 wolfsberg the stock tire size is 205/55/16

Where is VW Jetta Fuel Filter?

i had the same problum on my 01 jetta, everyone fuel lifter is in the front.. and i was bugging out ... then i came to realize to look under the car in the back along the side,, which side i forgot,,, i think right but ,,, to answer you question its before the back tire in the back.

Where is the cigar lighter fuse on an 01 Jaguar XK8 Convertible?

open the pass door and look on the side of the dashboard for the fusebox. It is a yellow 20 amp fuse.

Where is the BMC located on 01 GMC Jimmy?


Where is the user's side fuse panel on a 2002 Kia Spectra?

01 had the fuse panel in the drivers side kick panel by the floor and one under the hood by the battery