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Q: Where is the fuse for the tail lights in a 1991 Capri xr2 i have pulled every fuse in the inside fuse there another fuse box in the car?
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Where is the relay to the head lights located in a 1991 Ford Capri?

If I rember right its a small silver box above and to the left of the washer bottle in the engine bay,and I believe it has fuses inside if that helps

1991 mercury capri and you tryed to start it up and but you didn't even see any lights trun on but the battery is full you hooked it up to another car and i saw the lights but couldn't start it?

The 80 amp fuse is blown, it is hard to see on that fuse.

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No brake lights or blinkers and hazard lights?

my daughters 1991 miusbishi montero has no break lights , turn signals or hasard lights . All tail lights and front markers are working. All fuses are cking good and all bulbs are good..Is my blinker switch bad ? capri

Is it normal on a 1991 mercury capri when you want to switch on the lights you have to switch them on them back to daytime lights and back on for the taillights dashboardlights to turn on too?

no. try replacing the headlight switch... eBay

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Why does brake lights not work sometimes on a 1992 mercury capri?

As this is an intermittant problem it is more than likely the brake light switch is sticking at times..

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