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The fuses are behind the small recess in the dashboard below and right of the steering wheel in right hand drive 55S. Remove the two crosshead screws at the top to remove this and reveal the fuses.

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Q: Where is the fuse for the windscreen wipers in a 1998 Fiat Punto?
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advance auto parts

Where is the computer located in a Fiat Punto GGT turbo?

The ECU is located under the Scuttle panel at the base of the windscreen

I have a Mk2 fiat punto and cannot take the front windscreen off Can anyone help. Cheers?


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Where do I find the timing marks for a 1998 Fiat Punto 1.2 16V Sporting?

there is no timing marks

On a right hand drive 2002 Fiat Punto why would the driver's side windscreen wiper stop working while the passenger side continues to function?

Mk2 Puntos has a weak piece of linkage on the front wipers. The fix is relatively easy, although it will cost you a little money...there are details on

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Why does Fiat panda 2005 windscreen wipers come on after reversing car. What type of fault is this please?

I own a 05 panda and the rear wipers come on when reversing only when the front wipers are turned on hence not afault but a nice feature,Tony G.

How do you fit a new back windscreen wiper to a Fiat Punto?

I had the same problems with my Punto sx 60, 1998 reg. I bought a complete unit. It will be necessary to unscrew the old one and then replace with the new one. hope this helps.......Claire Peronally, I suggest you give up and buy a new car entirely- Fiats are cheap for a reason. This time it would be useful to get one with a back windscreen included. Hope this helps.... Melon

Can you show a diagram of the front suspension of a X Registration 2000 Fiat Punto 1.2 Petrol Car?

1. what is the problem of fiat punto front suspension 2. what is the mantinance of fiat punto front saspension

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Fiat Punto car parts can be purchased at various retailers dealing with car parts. One can find Fiat Punto parts on the eBay and Breakeryard websites.

Where is the fuse for the heater motor on a fiat punto grande?

where is the fuse for the heater motor ina fiat punto grande 1.2

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Fiat punto power steering reservoir on a y reg were can i find it

Diagram the firing order for a fiat punto 1200?

fiat punto firing order 1342 from timing belt end

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Code forCode for Radio Blaupunkt Fiat Punto?

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The front windscreen wipers on your 2002 Fiat Punto Active will not switch off Any ideas what is wrong?

Could be a problem with the 'self parking' switch gone faulty The switch is under the metal cover of the actual wiper motor - so you would need to remove the motor to investigate further Hope this helps

How do you change the pollen filter on a fiat punto 1998?

Purchase a Purolator Cabin Filter. They come with complete instructions.

Where can one purchase used Fiat Punto cars?

The best place to purchase Fiat Punto cars would be at a Fiat dealership. However, one can most likely find used Fiat Punto cars on line or in the local buy/sell listings in newspapers.

How do you fix Fiat Punto windscreen wipers They start halfway up the screen After a frost the wipers jumped and are now stuck at the halfway point. When switched on they go up down stay halfway?

You will need to remove the wiper arms from the gear, they are normally held on with a bolt under a cover, and reposition them at their proper starting point. They should work normally after that unless the gear is stripped from the frost seizing them. What happened is that they were stuck to the windscreen when you turned them on and the motor turned anyways causing them to slip out of position on the gear.

How do you get a spare key cut for a Fiat punto?

Contact a Fiat dealer.