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The Punto is a compact car manufactured by the Italian automaker Fiat from 1993 to the present. It was launched as a replacement for the Fiat Uno. In 1995, the Punto was named as the “European Car of the Year.”

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Fiat Punto

Average cost to repair an exhaust system.?

depends on whats wrong. welding a hole, you can do it super cheap, replacing stuff is super expensive.

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Fiat Punto

Diagram the firing order for a fiat punto 1200?

fiat punto firing order 1342 from timing belt end

Fiat Punto

Where is the diagnostic socket on a fiat stilo 2002?

Behind the Fuse box below right of the steering column, top or the fuse box, black connector

Fiat Punto

Change rear brakes on fiat punto 1995?

quite straight forward- take off the hub first much easier - make sure you photo or draw where the springs go -- blueson 44

Fiat Punto

Where is the bonnet release on a Fiat Punto?

The bonnet release clip is located under the steering wheel below the steering wheel height adjustment lever. it is (in my case) a bright orange color.On year 1999-> model it is just below the dashboard plastic level, to the door side of control pedals, just crouch down and have a look.

If the level is slack, then the bonnet release cable has snapped.

You'll have to jack the car up, and access / pull the cable from underneath.

Fiat Punto

How do you fit a trailing arm to a Fiat Punto?

tools required;-1x17mm socket or spanner 1x19mm " 2x22mm 1x30mm hammer and screwdriver for dustcap 2x jacks or 1x jack and some bricks i am in the process of doing this job and i have not broken anything yet! 1 my local car shop says 29 quid for a repair kit or 44 for a recon arm do not know cost of new. 1jack up car 2 remove rear wheel 3lower car onto something that supports trailing arm(i used an old car battery) 4remove lower damper retaining bolt ithink it was a17 or 19 head 5raise the car off the support the arm should hang down mine was slightly stiff ijust pushed down a bit 6 the spring and plastic retaining cup should just drop out 7 support the arm 8 undo the nut at the front of the arm(22mm) this was very stiff you will probably need along ratchet or breakers bar do not forget the bolt head also 22mm. 9 ihave withdrawn the bolt but probably should have left it in place. 9.5 prise off the dust cap off the centre of the hub 10 this is how far i have got 11 tomorro i shall remove the hub the centre nut needs 30mm socket which took me ages to find so igave up for today back at it tomorrow 12 i shall then remove the brake line,handbrake cable and brakeparts 13 refitting should be the op[osite of removal * you will need to bleed the brake line afterwards Mike 2

Fiat Punto

Where is the screen wash bottle in a Fiat Punto?

looking inside the engine bay from the front of the car it is in the right inner wing (usually has a blue cap)

Fiat Punto

How do you reset the air bag light on a 2000 Fiat Punto Sporting?

TAke it ot the dealer. They have check out charts.

Air bag light can only be reset by using diagnostic equipment

you do not have to use a dealer

as any good garage will have the equipment to read the fault codes and

extinguish the warning light

best wishes

Mike 2

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How can you open the bonnet of a 2000 Fiat Punto when the lever beneath the steering wheel seems to be disconnected?


i found that by fully extending the bonnet release lever and having someone else pull the bonnet upwards at the same time got the bonnet open, then i made sure i lubed the catch on the bonnet and works fine so far.

If the cable has broken

grip the broken end with pliers or

vise grips and then pull

Mike 2

I've just finished grappling with the jammed bonnet of a 2003 Punto due to a broken operating cable. It would seem the only way to open the bonnet without damage to the car is to remove the bonnet release mechanism held by 2 13mm nuts to front of the engine bay.

The best way to remove these nuts I found was to use 2 wooden wedges to gain better access. I covered the wedges with a rubber glove sprayed with wd 40 and pushed them between the front lip of the bonnet and the plasctic facia immediatley below - roughly 3 to 4 inches either side of the badge. The plastic below the bonnet bends not the bonnet.

I've viewed posts that suggest using an socket wrench , extension bar with a knuckle end attached to the socket via the gap in the plastic radiator facia. In practice I found this angle of attack too acute to losen the nuts hence the wedges. Also the wedges gave a better view of the nuts.

I also removed the number plate and a plastic vertical reinforcing stringer to get an arm up along side the radiator and guide the socket onto the nuts.

Like many posts on www initially I was convinced that all I had to do was find the right button / lever and the bonnet would spring open! This is not the case. Unfortunately the release mechanism is only exposed when the unit is removed. Long screwdrivers, coathangers or garden canes can not work.

this is the easy way takes 5mins and you dont break anything,drive your car on kerb with passenger wheel on kerb,with a torch slide under passenger side front of car (just behind the rad)look for the bonnet cable or feel just above rad,(it helps if you get someone to wiggle cable inside car)once you got cable about 2 inches from bonnet catch push towards drivers side,the nearer you get cable to bonnet catch the better and then the bonnet will open

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Why would your car make a ticking sound only when you accelerate through lower gears but not after your car has been running for several minutes?

check your ex manifolds could be a broken bolt or bad seal between block and manifold

Fiat Punto

Can you adjust the height of the accelerator pedal of a Fiat Punto 55 M reg and if so how?

In a nut shell you cant adjust pedal height of any car. Unless you spend serious money on an exotic sports car.

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How do you open the radiator cap that allows you to flush the system out to replace wi th new fluid for a Saturn sl sedan 1996?

It all depends on what kind of car you have. Most of them you have to press down very hard to be able to turn counterclockwise and remove.

Joe, I have a 1996 Chevy Blazer. Would you know how to do it on it?

Fiat Punto
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Who makes the Fiat car?

The Fiat company of Italy makes Fiat cars.

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Where is the starter motor located on a 1996 Fiat Punto S 1100cc?

the lower part of the engine, the piece is a lighter silver different to the other colours of the engine it is shaped with a piggy back and is connected via 3 screws. 2 using bolts one goes through the main body of the engine. paul

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Why might there be a tapping sound coming from the engine in a Dodge Ram pickup truck?

I had a light ticking in my '99 with a 5.2L that I usually only heard while parked by a building (echoing). The dealer said sometimes a tiny dirt particle may get caught in one lifter not allowing it to collapse and open properly. He said to try some engine flush (which I am not a fan of) at next oil change. Noise went away on its own after about month and a half. ==ANSWer Are you using low grade fuel? Our tapping sound in our 1998 Dodge Ram went away after we switched to premium (89 octane) fuel. Any tapping noise could be an indicator of the oil pump going bad, You may not have sufficient oil pressure. This can cause valves to click and/or rods to knock. This in turn can lead to the need for a motor to be rebuilt. You may want to have the oil pump and oil sending unit checked. Verify that you have the proper oil pressure and that your oil is not to oil and thin.

Fiat Punto

Where can you get a wiring schematic diagram for a 1996 Fiat Punto automatic?


Fiat Punto

Have you a picture looking under the bonnet of a fiat punto car 52 reg?

The best place to find this sort of picture is usually in the Haynes Manuals (other manuals are available). They usually have labels pointing to the components.

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What is the cost of replacing a fiat punto head gasket?

Just had a quote to have a new cylinder head gasket fitted to my 1.2 8 v (2001) Fiat Punto. This includes head skimming and new bolts etc.

�400 was the painful figure. The car has done 24.000 miles and suffers symptons of poor starting, engine overheating,fan coming on and coolant loss. Also has cabin heater problem caused by what I originally thought was an air lock.

Car has been checked twice (including 24k service!)

Apparently after much internet reading :

1. Cylinder head gasket problem is rife on this engine. 2. When engine cold the plugs are damp through water caused by gasket leak. 3. When engine warms up gasket expands and fills leak! 4.Engine runs better when warm but heater in cabin not functioning correctly. what a pain. 5. Continued use will ruin the heater matrix as well. Costly repair. 6. There are two bleed valves on the car for water/radiator problems. a- open bonnett and look to top right of radiator. there is a white pastic screw, that's number 1 bleed valve. b - second bleed valve located near bulkhead on 1" diameter hoses just off a junction box.

This is my last respite. Following that it's either part ex the car or pay the �400.

If you know a competent mechanic you can buy all the necessary parts for around �80. Dont forget the head must be skimmed.

Lastly all these problems have not hepled the fuel consumption which is crap. I get about 300 miles to a full tank. I have a Fiat Stilo which does 500 miles to a tank.

I hope that if you aare reading this you have fewer problems than I have had. The only other issue with the punto was water getting into the headlights !! I had two puntos (at the same time) Both had the same problem. To be fair Fiat said they would repair both for free. I doubt I will get the same response!!

Good Luck

New Head GasketI just had Head gasket done �150 with head lasered and skimmed AnswerIt shoudn't cost any more than �150 at a decent garage

Ive just had my head gasket replaced and cam belt changed all for £230, which i was pleased with. The garage i normally go to quoted me £450 just for the head gasket!

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Where can you get a diagram on-line of how to change a N reg Fiat Punto thermostat?

the thermostat is on the radiator and conectet to overheet plug, you can see the wiring that conectet to the fan to, is the same, and you can change it with no proplem, remove the air filter, open the fan panel and you can see the termostat, before you change chake the wiring and fuses, i hope is help you, goodluck.

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Where is the computer located in a Fiat Punto GGT turbo?

The ECU is located under the Scuttle panel at the base of the windscreen

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What would make a grinding sound underneath the car when the car is running?

check the U joints in the drive shaft

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Where can you find suspension parts diagram for fiat punto?

Couldn't find anything that's free but I found a link for a CD for purchase click the link below

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What can cause the diode in the alternator to fail in a fiat punto?

Just like anything else things just break. Have you had any electric welding done on the car? Have you used an external battery charger? Have you accidently connected the battery in reverse polarity?

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How to you change the left head light bulb in a Fiat Punto?

Undo the unit retaining bolts(3)visible at front. undo spring clip holding headlamp (small cover) in place. Use a screwdriver to push the bulb holding spring to the outside of the car once unclipped pull it back to clear the plastic housing then pull down. Undoing the three bolts gives a bit more space.

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How dangerous is a leaking gearbox on a fiat punto 2000 model and how do you refill it?

Depends how fast it is leaking but eventually, there will be no more oil and your gearbox will be TOTALLY DESTROYED. There should be a Filler plug normally on the top or the side of your gearbox. If you see a Fiat Main dealer or in fact any garage, they will be able to show you where to top up your gearbox. But really you need to have the leak diagnosed and fixed, might be a oil seal or gasket gone. I hope that helps.


The danger apart from destroying the gearbox

is leaking oil onto the road potentially fatal to motorcyclists

The filler plug is located on the front face of the box

it has a 12 mm Allen key fitting

refill until oil is at the bottom of the plug hole

best wishes

Mike 2


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