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Where is the fuse located on a 1994 Honda Civic cigarette lighter?


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The fuse on the 1994 Honda Civic cigarette lighter is located under the dash on the driver's side.


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The cigarette lighter fuse is located in the cabin fuse box on a 2001 Honda Civic. The fuse can be found in slot 18.

should be under the steering wheel in all the fuses

Check the fuse, wiring and element.

What is wrong with it??? EXPLAIN more please!

Have you checked your fuse panel underneath your dash on drivers side?

A cigarette lighter on a 1990 Honda Civic is held on by prongs on the side of the part. Use a flat head screwdriver to push the prongs in so the unit can be pulled out. Unplug the wiring. Plug the wire into the new unit and slide it back in.

I bought a used Honda CRV LX 4WD. And the cigarette lighter was not in there. I feel there is no cigarette lighter in this model.

Visit a mechanic for any auto repairs, if you lack car knowledge, you risk damaging your car more.

I found #29 a 15amp small fuse in the fuse box under the steering wheel was the cigarette lighter fuse. The fuse extractor is a plastic tool located in the engine compartment fuse box lid together with spare fuses. My Honda Civic is a 2007 New Zealand car. Hope this helps.

Where Is fuse to cigarette lighter honda accord euro,and No of fuse in box

Refer to your Civics owner manual or contact a certified mechanic to replace the fuses.

There are two fuseboxes for 2006 Honda Accord. The cigarette lighter one is located inside the car on driver side labeled "fusebox", not the one under the hood. Open the correct one the diagram is on back of cover. It is #9, 15 Amp, labeled "FR ACCS". There is no label says "cigarette lighter" on any Honda cars.

My '97 EX 2-door coupe does not. It has a power outlet below the radio, just above the cassette player.

where is a thermostat located on a 1995 Honda civic ex?

Where is the LAF sensor located on a 92 honda civic?

To change Honda jazz cigarette lighter socket fuse you need to disconnect the 2P connectors from the cigarette lighter (A) and cigarette lighter light (B) (if equipped).Inspect the connector terminals to be sure they are all making good contact.

Where is the thermostat in a Honda Civic 02

No, the engine does not have to be running for the cigarette lighter to work. The ingition key must be in the Accessory position (2 clicks) before the cigarette lighter will work. Hope this helped.

Directions on changing a fuse for your 1994 Honda Civic are in the vehicle's manuals. If you do not have the manuals; take the fuse box cover off and on the inside is a directory, find which fuse goes to the cigarette lighter and using needle nose pliers or a fuse puller remove the bad fuse ad replace with a new fuse with the same amps. ( Fuses are color coded by amps.)

The 1992 Honda accord cigarette lighter relay switch can be found behind the dashboard in the passenger compartment. The relay switch will be on the drivers side of the dashboard.

How many cuts are on the 05 Honda Civic

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