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remove BATTERY & THE BOX. IT on right side

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What is the fuel capacity of a 1994 Yamaha Virago 1100?

I believe its around 13L

How much oil do you put in a 1994 Yamaha virago 250?

The 250 virago holds 1.9 quarts of oil total. This includes the oil in the filter. The system holds 1.5 quarts not including filter.

What is the oil capacity for 1994 and 1996 Yamaha Virago 750s?

The answer is 3.3 liters. For the XV750-1100 with filter change. No one should ever re-use filters on these bikes. This bike depends on oil flow to stay cool And lube internal parts including the clutch.

How do you take the seat off of a 1994 Yamaha virago?

The 1994 Yamaha motorcycle seat is held on with four retaining bolt. Remove the retaining bolts and the seat will come off.

What engine oil is good for Yamaha ttr 250 year 1994?

how much oil does yamaha 1994 ttr take

What is the proper spark plug gap for a 1994 Yamaha YZ 250?

The spark plug gap for a 1994 Yamaha YZ250 should be .024 inches. A Yamaha YZ250 is a 249cc motorcycle.

Where can you download a free repair manual for a 1994 Yamaha venture lt?

from the Yamaha website

Is a 1994 Yamaha xt 350 electric start?


How do you change the cabin filter on 1994 accord?

The 1994 Honda Accord is not equipped with a cabin filter.

How can I replace fuel filter Ford Explorer 1994?

how do i change a fuel filter in a 1994 ford explorer

Where is the cabin air filter of a 1994 jetta?

Unless it was added. The 1994 Jetta was not equiped with a cabin filter.

Where is the location of ac filter on 1994 mvp Mazda?

A 1994 vehicle may not have a Cabin Filter. Go to Advance Auto Parts and ask for a Purolator Filter. If it has one the filter will come with instructions.A 1994 vehicle may not have a Cabin Filter. Go to Advance Auto Parts and ask for a Purolator Filter. If it has one the filter will come with instructions.

What kind of Yamaha do you have?

1994 YZ250 with an FMF fatty and it is FAST!

What size boat motor do you have?

70 hp 1994 yamaha

Do a 1994 nissian maxima have a transmission filter?

the filter is internal

Is the 1994 100cc Yamaha dirt bike fuel injected?

yes all Yamaha dirt bikes are fuel injected

Changing fuel filter on 1994 Acura Legend?

Do you have to prime the fuel filter on a 1994 acura legend when replaced

Change a gas filter in 1994 Toyota Camry LE?

where is the gas filter in a Toyota Camry 1994?

What would you recommend for oil in a 1994 1100 Shadow?

Motul 3000, 10w40.

How to install oil filter in a BMW 325i 1994?

To install the oil filter in a BMW 325i, year 1994. Do I need to put oil, in the filter comparment

Where can i find a wiring diagram for 1994 Yamaha blaster?

The wiring diagrams help make sure everything is wired correctly. The wiring diagram for a 1994 Yamaha Blaster can be found in the maintenance manual.

If sidestand and clutch relay wires on 1994 virago are disconnected-do they have to be connected for bike to start?

no they do not. wires do not make bikes start

Where is the cabin air filter on a 1994 Toyota Corolla DX?

That 1994 Toyota DX didn't come with a cabin filter.

What is the seat height of a 1994 Yamaha yz 250?

39.1 i think

What is the year of a Yamaha yz125 with a vin of 4jy-01936j?


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