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Q: Where is the greek orthodox most popular today?
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What is the most popular religion in Thessaloniki?

Greek Orthodox

What is the religion of Italy and Greece?

Today most of Italy is Roman Catholic and Greece is mostly Greek Orthodox.

What are the main religions of Athens?

Most Athenians today are Greek Orthodox Christians. Most Athenians in Ancient Athens were followers of Greek Mythology and the Cult of Athena.

What type of church was most popular in the Byzantine Empire?

What type of church was most commonly constructed in the Byzantine Empire

What religion is Greek?

Most Greeks are Greek Orthodox Christians.

What religion are most Greek people?

Most Greek people are adherents of the Greek Orthodox Church (a form of Christianity), 95% and 98% of the Greek population. This is certainly true in Greece itself as well as outside to a somewhat lesser extent. Most Greek Cypriots are adherents of the Greek Orthodox Church aswell, 77% of the Cypriot population.

What is the most popular religion in Greece today?

Most people in Greece are Greek Orthodoxyists.

Does Greece have religion?

Yes, most of them are greek orthodox

What Is Jennifer Aniston's religion?

She doesn't have a religion, she worships her own god.

What is the name of the Greek tragedy that is still popular today?

There are several Greek tragedies that still exist, but the most popular might be the Oedipus cycle. The author is Sophocles.

What religion are people in Cyprus?

Greek Orthodox Christianity or particularly "the Greek Orthodox Church of Cyprus/ Cypriot Orthodox Church" It's part of Eastern Orthodox Christianity. Not forgetting the Turkish community, whch would follow Islam.

Do all Greeks have the same religion?

for the most part, there is a huge Greek Orthodox Christian population. pretty much anyone who isn't greek orthodox immigrated.