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Where is the ground wire for the dash cluster on a 1985 Corvette?

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Will a 1984 Corvette dash cluster work in a 1985?

It should, but the 1985 dash cluster was easier to read, Eckler's offers a reasonably priced rebuilding service, if you have the original.

What could cause the dash cluster not to work except for the gas gauge in a 87 corvette?

led lights inside cluster

How do I repair 1994-96 C4 Corvette lcd dash cluster?

how do i reset the sensor on the instrument cluster on a 1984 corvett?

Where is the fuse panel on a 1985 Corvette?

the fuse box on a 1985 corvette is located on the side panel of the dash on the passenger side . Open the passanger (right side door) and box is on side of dash.

Where is the theft deterrent module on a 1985 Corvette?

Anti-theft module, 1985 Corvette. Under dash on passenger side next to the heater control valve.

Where is the maf burn off relay located on a 1985 corvette?

behind passenger dash pad

Where is the fuse box on a 1973 corvette?

Drivers sid, below the dash. You have to get on your knees on the ground to get under there.

What is a dash cluster?

a dash cluster, is the gauges and lights etc that are grouped together in front of the driver,

Where do i find a 1986 Thunderbird graphic dash cluster?

where do i find a graphic dash cluster for a 1986 ford thunderbird

How do you replace the dash cluster bulbs in a 91 Camaro?

They mount to the back of the dash cluster. The bulbs are exposed when the panel is removed.

Where is the fuse for the digital cluster dash in a 1992 Chevy S10?

Where is the fuse for the digital cluster dash in a 1992 Chevy S10?

Are there any bulbs in the dash cluster on a 1988 Corvette you can replace?

Yes. Pull the plastic and you will see that they are easy to get too. Just becareful pulling them out. Replacements can be found at your local parts store.

How to change the High Beam Indicator Light in a 1985 Chevrolet Celebrity?

To change the high beam indicator you have to take the instrument cluster out of the dash.

How do you remove a 1970 Corvette dash?

with a sledgehammer.

Does an 1994 Buick LaSabre have in instrument cluster?

The gauges on the dash is the instrument cluster.

Why do the gauges on a 1999 Jeep Cherokee not work?

Can you bang on the dash to get them to come back on? You may have a bad connection at the battery ground. If not then you need to take the dash apart to check the connection at the gauge cluster.

Where is the bulb located for dash light on 1987 Chevy s10 pickup?

There are several bulbs for dash illumination. They are attached to the backside of the dash cluster. The best way to access the bulbs would be to remove the dash cluster.

1985 Nissan 300zx turbo bought from a friend of mine the whole dash doesn't work spedomoeter fuel gauge etc checked all fuses relays what should you do?

If you have a digital cluster then you need a new cluster.

All gauges in dash stopped working in cluster on 1997 Dakota?

Check the gauges fuse ... may be a short, bad wire or a bad ground. Doesn't happen open but your cluster may be bad as well. NELSON

How do you reset 96 Pontiac grand am dash cluster?

To reset the dash cluster in a '96 Pontiac Grand Am remove both battery cables for 30 seconds. Wait for the theft lock icon to disappear then turn the car back on. The dash cluster should reset.

Is there speakers in dash of 89 Corvette?

On 1984-1989 Corvette, the dash top grilles only housed speakers if the car was not fitted with Bose stereo, about 10% of production. TOM

What is the Location of the VATS module on a 1986 Corvette?

Behind the "loaf of bread" on the passenger side of the dash that says, "CORVETTE" on it.

Where is the Vats Module located in a 1988 Corvette?

Behind the "loaf of bread" on the passenger side dash that says "CORVETTE" on it.

Where the speedometer is located in the durango?

It is in the instrument cluster in the dash.

Where can i get a digital dash cluster for 1988 Oldsmobile toronado?

I had mine fixed by I had to remove it and send it in. cost was about 100 dollars in 2003 for 1991 trofeo dash cluster.