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Where is the heater core located on a 1994 BMW 325i?


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2005-02-07 17:30:18
2005-02-07 17:30:18

Hi. The heater core is under the dash on the passenger side. You must loosen all of the dash bolts on the passenger side,then lift the dash up and you'll see a black box. Take th cover off of the ox and the core will be inside of it! Your going to have to take off the two hoses from under the hood on the pass side. Then just slide the old core out and replace it!


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On the 1994 BMW 530i, the heater core is located under the dash in the engine compartment. You know the heater core is bad when it starts to leak.

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The heater core is inside the hvac housing under the dash.

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Its located in the center of the vehicle below the dash.................

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