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Where is the heater inlet hose on a 1994 Pontiac Grand Prix?


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its located on the heater core

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On the firewall, under the hood, you will find the inlet and outlet hoses.

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no their not front wheel drive you must be thinking of a Pontiac grand am or a grand prix


actuall it is on a 1994 Pontiac grand prix

join the inlet and outlet hoses together.

The 1994 Pontiac Grand Prix gear selector wire can be found beneath the center console. The gear selector wire will go to the instrument panel.

I would like to have a dimgram to show me how to put the hater core out and in on my 94 Pontiac Bonneville

The 1994 Pontiac Grand Prix can use any SAE certified coolant. In normal climates, the coolant can be mixed half-and-half with water.

94 grand ams are fuel injected, not carburated. There is no carburetor to check

The heater core is inside the hvac housing under the dash.

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go to www.autozone.com and click on repair manuals, enter car info and an online manual will come up with pics and instructions.Yes there is a screw on the shifter. good luck

Means that your heater core is leaking coolant. Has to be replaced.

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No. You will have to remove the shift knob and center console and part of the lower dash in order to access the heater core housing. Be careful not to damage the housing when removing it; there are some screws in the front which are difficult to see and access.

On my 1994 RH Drive, it's located on the passenger side, in the duct on a shield.

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