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Where is the hook up for the obd 2 on a 99 ford ranger?


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2008-06-13 16:35:53

under the dash on the drivers side.


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The 1999 Ford Contour OBD 2 port is under driver side dash next to kick panel

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I checked www . motorcraft . com ( no spaces ) , and the Explorer and Ranger take different part numbers

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The SuperCab holds 19.5 gallons

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Hers is no in 99 and up and before 99 they are in frame rail or radiator support

There are several things that can cause your 1999 Ford Ranger to grind when you put it into gear. The most common cause is a lack of transmission fluid.

According to the 1999 Ford Ranger Owner Guide : The fuel pump inertia switch is in the front passenger's footwell , behind the kick panel

On a 1999 Ford Ranger : The electric fuel pump is INSIDE the fuel tank It is installed through an access hole on the top of the fuel tank

At the bottom of the radiator, you can see it from under the truck.

Your air conditioning condensor is located in front of your radiator

Look in the housing at the engine end of the upper radiator hose

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On the top of the fuel tank towards the front.

The speed sensor is located on the differential (rear end) I have a 99 Ford Ranger and have recently replaced one. EASY! Good luck!

According to the 1999 Ford Ranger Owner Guide ( for North America ) The ( SuperCab ) body style holds ( 73.8 litres / 19.5 U.S. gallons )

For a 1999 Ford Ranger , 2.5 liter four cylinder engine : ( 117 horsepower at 4500 RPM from the factory )

It should be the same as my 1995 Ford Explorer , there is a " hook " on the front of both lower control arms

On a 99 ford Ranger it is located right next the radio on the drivers side behind the dash. Remove the radio and you will see in bolted on the left side of the radio hole.

Too lean bank one check fuel pressure-your pump is probably going out.

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