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The horn is mounted to the frame behind the driver side front fender just ahead of the front tire. If you have a wheel well shroud, you won't see it. You'll have to lay on your back and you'll see it through an opening at the bottom of the fender. Horn relay location I don't know.

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โˆ™ 2004-09-27 18:20:17
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Q: Where is the horn and horn relay on a 1991 Mustang 5.0?
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Where is the cooling fan relay on a 2010 mustang v-6 4.0?

On a 2010 Ford Mustang : In the Power Distribution Box ( which is " live " ) located in the front of the engine compartment , on the passenger side Relay # 50 , full ISO relay , cooling fan relay ( High ) Relay # 55 , full ISO relay , cooling fan relay ( Low )

Where is the coolant fan relay on 1994 mustang 50?

It is located on the elec. fan itself where the connector plugs in. There was a recall on these switches and were replaced with a new one from Ford for free.

Where is the horn located on Mazda bt50 4x4?

horn circuit mazda bt 50

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You need to know where the horn is at on the SC2 now the horn will not work the fuse is still good?

I've replaced mine twice now. The switch pads built into the steering wheel on my 97SC2 each have two small 'bubble' contacts (one at the top and one at the bottom of the switch). Pressing either switch will make the horn relay cycle and the horn blow. 97s are one of the years that have the relay integrated on the horn bracket (both located under the drivers side headlamp). If your model has a separate relay, it will be in the under-hood fuse block alongside the fuses. There is also a small chance that the 'clock spring' is bad. The clock spring is a set of wires that sit under the air bag on the steering wheel and carry the light switch, horn, etc wires (It's how the horn and switches can work while you are turning the steering wheel). Don 't forget to check wiring for chaffed wire or loose ground connection. Factory Switch runs $32, Horn (with relay) $50, clock spring $120 Good luck

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Were is the cooling fan relay on a 1997 mustang gt 4.6L?

Actually, it's located in the CCRM (constant control relay module) which is in behind the passenger front fender. It is a module with 5 relays (AC, Fuel pump, etc..). You can try to replace the relay ($10), the module used ($50-70) or buy brand new ccrm from Ford for $240. Your call. Get a wire diagram of the ccrm and replace the right relay if you go that route.

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