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Where is the horn relay located in a 2003 Chevrolet Cavalier?


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2009-12-04 20:21:00
2009-12-04 20:21:00

on the passenger side under the dash. you have to take the cover under the dash the lood straight up, it is on the passenger side of the blower motor for your heat and air. there will be a black, thin rectangle box with 2 different plugs in it. remove the plugs and it is on the other side. it should be a white ralay.

***I believe the above answer is incorrect. I just replaced the horn relay which was located on the DRIVERS SIDE, underneath the dash, behind the fuse box. The relay is a black small plastic box plugged into a wiring harness which is taped on the top side of a large bundle of wires. Remove the tape, pull the harness / relay down, replace relay


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