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I just finished changing out one on my 1995 Ford Taurus GL Wagon with a 3.8 engine. I found it in the left side of the firewall. It's plugged into a receptacle there. I understand that was done because the modules previously had overheated when mounted on the side of the distributor. If yours is not on the firewall, it may be either on the distributor or on the wheel well.

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Q: Where is the ignition control module located on a ford gl wagon?
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Where is the Power Control Module located in a 2000 Sable Wagon?

by the radiator. black box.

Where is the wiper control module located on the 1995 Ford E-350 Club Wagon Van?

on mine it is under the dash. it was a blue box with 2 plugs.

Where does the ignition coil and ignition module hook up on a 1998 mercury villager wagon?

Those components are part of the distributor and are inside it. They are not available as separate parts.

Where is the ignition coil located on a 1990 Toyota Camry Wagon?

its under the distributor cap. its black and is held to the distributor with 4 Phillips screws. there are 2 studs for the control wires.

Where is the crank sensor located on 1997 Saturn Wagon sw1?

These cars don't use a crank sensor - the ignition module watches the electrical properties of the #4 cylinder spark plug and uses that to calculate where the engine is within the mechanical rotation. If you are having troubles, verify/replace that spark plug and the wiring. In a past experience with this car, it turned out to be the ignition module, located under the coil packs.

Where is the Idle Air Control located on a 89 Celebrity wagon with 2.8?

The Idle Air Control is on the throttle body.

Where is the thermostat on a 1993 ford escort wagon?

On the driver's side of the engine just below the electronic ignition module. The thermostat housing connects to the top radiator hose.

Do i need to reprogram a replacement electronic control module on a 1994 Escort LX Wagon?

Never mind, found the answer. Did not find how to delete my question...

Where is the airbag sensor located on a 1996 Jeep Cherokee XJ Sports Wagon?

The airbag impact sensor on 1995 and 1996 model Cherokees is located within the airbag module.

Where is the tail lamp module box located on a 1996 Volvo 850 wagon?

its behind the rear speakers in the hatch back u have to take out the speakers and there it is not hard to do

Where is the AC control relay located on a Volvo 740 GL wagon?

i have a 1989 740 and mine is located on under the hood it the green 1 on the side next to the air filter

What if horn don't work on 1994 ford club wagon van?

It could be a bad horn fuse. I think it's a 15 amp fuse. It could also be a problem with the cruise control module. Does the cruise control work (assuming you have a CC)?

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