Chevy Lumina

Where is the keyless entry module on a Chevy Lumina?


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under the right rear window trim.

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The keyless entry module, on your Ford automobile, is located in the engine compartment. The module is bolted to the firewall.

Pull off the passenger side kick pannel and you will see a module that says something like keyless entry or security module. If you have this module you have keyless entry. This answer is based on my 2000 ranger with keyless entry. Mike B Orlando

The keyless entry module on the 1997 Suburban is under the dash on the driver's side. The driver's side door needs to be open to see it.

Yes, I have a 1999 Prism with keyless answerno, not if they have manual locks.

The RKE module is located above the rear wheel well behind the driver's seat in the trunk.

How program my keyless entry remotes for 2003 chevy malibu

The keyless entry module on a1998 Honda Accord is located underneath the dashboard. It is housed on the driver-side the of dash close to the main relay.

The location of the remote keyless entry module on a 1998 Saturn is in the rear of the passenger compartment. It is underneath the trim at about shoulder height by the right rear seat.

The Chevrolet dealer resets the computer module for that.

Keyless entry was an option for the 2005 Chevrolet trailblazer model year. Most 2005 Chevrolet trailblazers came with the keyless option.

The ignition switch, also called the wireless control module, is the keyless entry computer and receiver.

The remote keyless entry module on the 2004 Kia Optima is located under the driver's side dash. To find it, open the door and look up under the dash.

The keyless entry module in this car is located inside the trunk, behind the driver Taillight recessed in the quarter panel. You will have to remove the felt panels inside the trunk to gain access to it.

The keyless module is under the dash on the driver side. Do a search for Subaru Keyless Entry System H7110FS300

It is located in three places. First, On the keypad entry code identification card (credit card), found with the owner's manual at the time of sale, which appearantly you do not have. Second, in the memory of the keyless entry module, which the dealer can retrieve for you with a scan tool, and third, on a sticker located on the keyless entry module, the location of the module depends on what year Windstar you have.

It should be on the keyless entry control module behind the fuse box (below steering column) on the firewall. It's a five digit number 1xxxx.

Look in your owners manual or take it to the Chevy garage.

where on my 2004 freeport can I find the computer module

Keyless entry is an option and may have not been installed.

I believe the module is located in the console above the rear-view mirror.

It is located on the left side of the driver seat floorboard.The trunk release lever also functions as the keyless entry module if it is pushed down.

Either in the keyless entry module (if vehicle has keyless entry) on in a separate smaller (2 inch squarish with about 5 wires) module located on inside firewall above upper left corner of engine cover

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