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the coordinates are X-11 Y-83. then you jump up the fortress and click on the key which opens the door to the other galaxy.

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go through the asteroidbelt until you find a large asteroid with a giant Crystal on it.

you fly to a large asteroid in the asteroid belt and land there. that is the crystal gate when you climb to the top

TO get into the asteroid castle you have to complete the puzzle on the door.

The Crystal Gate is an asteroidat the coordinates 11,18Full walkthrough at

go to the middle of the asteroid belt and it's on a asteroid go down to it.

On poptropica, when you get to the asteroid belt, if you are looking for Mordreds little castle that holds the key, go to: X 12 and Y 80. There you will find the little asteroid Mordred is hiding on.

a rather large asteroid

I'ts in center of the asteroid belt

if you mean the planet in the asteroid belt then it is X:11 Y:82

you go past the sun then down until it says Warning: Entering Asteroid Belt.

Flint. Not sure what is meant about a large asteroid although there is an asteroid song by Keith Flint.

Try x 10, y 84. These were the cordinate that I found the asteroid at. It may not be the same for everyone. Sorry.

She the PRINCESS is on a asteroid being held hostage by Morder

Go in the rocket ship and fly over to the poptropica planet THAT IS RIGHT NEXT TO IT!!!

No. An asteroid can get captured by an asteroid and become a moon, but not the moon. Our moon is too large to be considered an asteroid.

No, an asteroid cannot destroy earth, but a large enough asteroid can have devastating effects on the life on Earth

could you help me? I am trying to find the giant asteroid. the coordinates are X- 11, Y-83

Get all the knights first then go south west.

No. Venus is a planet.

go to south part of space then go left and your there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

Find the giant asteroid they're talking about. Look in the asteroid belt in the lower left of the solar system.

It can be as big as the moon or bigger!

If the asteroid is large, its own gravity will pull it together, into a more or less spherical shape. With smaller asteroids, the gravity is not large enough, and the shape will be irregular.

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