Where is the largest population of flamingos?

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In Antarctica
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What is a flamingo?

A flamingo is a long legged pink feathered wading bird of Africa.It has a large down turned beak for sifting shallow lakes for shellfish etc which maintains the pink plumage. The broad pink wingshave black wing tips. There was also an aircraft of the 1930s called the De Havilland(UK) Flamingo. It wa ( Full Answer )

What is the european country with the largest population?

Russia is the most populated European country. European Russia alone boasts over 110,000,000. However, disregarding Russia completely, Germany would be the most populated European country with over 82,000,000.

What is the state with the largest population?

i have no idea but this dumb website never has anything i need to find California, by far, followed by Texas then NY. Florida is quickly catching up to NY.

What is the largest county by population in Virginia?

I'm pretty sure it is Fairfax County. It's made up of several communities in Northern Virginia, but perhaps one reason for its popularity is it's relative location to D.C. Fairfax County is definitely a really nice area to visit and the neighborhoods seem like a great place to live. If you're new or ( Full Answer )

What country has the largest pig population?

It's China with about 459,000,000 heads estimated in 2002, the only country that has a larger pig population than the United States, which has an estimated 59,000,000 heads.

What is the largest population in Metro Manila?

Among the cities in Metro Manila that comprise the National Capital Region, Quezon City has the largest population. It has 2,679,450 people, based on the results of the census of population conducted last August 2007.

Is it true that the largest country has the largest population?

Not usually, but it depends on what 'largest' means. In most contexts, when one refers to the "largest country," theymean so in terms of this country's geographic size or area.However, the "largest country" can also occasionally refer to thecountry with the largest amount of people: the greatest po ( Full Answer )

What impact do people have on flamingo populations?

Well if we keep polluting water all the good diets of flamingos will become infected, so if the flamingos get infected they could die and without their regular diet, they would turn white instead of pink.

Which city has the largest population and what is that population?

Exact comparisons are impossible because of the varying definitions of what constitutes the "city" population, as opposed to the urban or metropolitan region as a whole. Official census data is taken at different intervals as well. The most populous city in the world by central municipal area is ( Full Answer )

What Canadian provinces have the largest population?

1. Ontario -13,199,251 people which is 38.73% of the whole country's population. 2. Quebec - 7,856,881 people which is 23.19% of the whole country's population. 3. British Columbia - 4,479,934 people which is 13.23% of the whole country's population. 4. Alberta 5. Manitoba 6. Saskatchewan ( Full Answer )

Which countries have the largest Muslim populations?

India is one of the most populated country in the world and India has almost 50 percent of Muslim population...and they are growing drastically......so in furutre India would have the largest Muslim population in the world.

What are the largest cities and there populations of Ecuador?

The 10 largest cities, and their respective populations, of Ecuadorare listed below. Guayaquil (2,351,000), Quito (2,239,000), Cuenca(506,000), Santo Domingo (368,000), Machala (242,000), Durán(234,000), Portovejo (223,000), Manta (221,000), Loja (181,000),and Ambato (179,000). Guayaquil, the lar ( Full Answer )

What are the populations of the states--largest to the smallest populations?

California Texas New York Florida Illinois Pennsylvania Ohio Michigan Georgia North Carolina New Jersey Virginia Washington Massachusetts Indiana Arizona Tennessee Missouri Maryland Wisconsin Minnesota Colorado Alabama South Carolina Louisiana Kentucky Oregon Oklahoma Connecticut Iowa Mississippi Ar ( Full Answer )

What is the population of the largest country in Africa?

The largest country in Africa is the Sudan. It's population was 41,347,723 in 2008. The African country with the largest population is Nigeria. It's population is expected to reach 155,000,000 this year.

State largest population in US?

Although it is not the largest state by land area, California is the United States' highest populated state.

Which country has the largest atheist population?

This is complicated by Buddhism; many Buddhists don't believe in gods and are therefore atheists. If you mean which country has the greatest number of non-religious people as a proportion of the population; probably the UK.

Which city in Oregon has the largest population?

Oregon's population is estimated to have been 3,745,555 on July 1, 2007, which represents an increase of 324,056 (9.5 percent) from the April 1, 2000 Census count, and 54,950 from the 2006 estimate. Of this number; Portland is the most populous city, with 568,380 people.

Which country has the tenth largest population?

The tenth largest country by population is currently Japan with 127,380,000 people (last estimated October 1st, 2010). Japan makes up 1.85% of the world's population.

Which region in the us has the largest population?

The Northeast Atlantic corridor - from Boston to Washington, D.C. - has over 50 million people essentially confined to a narrow path of land between these two cities (and including the cities of Hartford, NYC, Newark, Trenton, Philadelphia, Wilmington and Baltimore, and also including many small cit ( Full Answer )

What place in Brazil has the largest population?

The rain forests in Brazil have the largest population, and the most species, but converting the rain forests to cattle pastures is seriously diminishing numbers. And the city with the largest human population is, first, Sao Paolo (11 million) and then Rio de Janiero (6 million).

What country in Europe has the largest population?

Germany has the largest population in Europe. Russia is a transcontinental country, spanning both Europe and Asia. About 110,000,000 of Russia's people live in European Russia (over 75% of the total population), making Russia the most populated country in Europe. Disregarding Russia, Germany is ( Full Answer )

What is the largest population of animals in Australia?

The largest population of animals in Australia is the kangaroo.Even not counting the fact that there are over 60 species ofkangaroo in Australia, there are still more than double the numberof kangaroos as people. The Kangaroo Industry Association ofAustralia suggests that, in 2002, there were an est ( Full Answer )

Which continent has the largest population why?

Asia is the most populated with over half of the worlds population. Two countries specifically, India and China, had a massive population growth, resulting in a combined total of about 2 and a half billion people. Just China or India in general have more people than any continent (not including Asia ( Full Answer )

What country from Europe has the largest population?

Russia has the largest population, though it spans the continents of Europe and Asia. Russia's total population is about 144,000,000, while about 110,000,000 of those 144 million Russians live in European Russia. The country with the largest population, wholly in Europe, is Germany, with a populat ( Full Answer )

What are the five countries with the largest populations?

1. China (1,339,190,000) 2. India (1,184,639,000) 3. United States of America (309,975,000) 4. Indonesia (234,181,400) 5. Brazil (193,364,000) (according to estimations of 2010 world census report)

Where is the largest population of shiites in the world?

Iran. Muslims in world are near 80% sunni and near 20% shia. researchers have counted up to 260 sect for Islam that they all belong to categories Sunni and shia. the main category of Shia is 12 Imami shia and other sects of shia are nearly extincted. there is at least 300,000,000 shia Muslims in ( Full Answer )

What country has the largest population of natives?

China. The overwhelming majority (>90%) of Chinese people areendemically Chinese, making them natives. Since 90% of China is alarger population than any other country, China has the largestpopulation of natives.