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Q: Where is the latest bird flu outbreak?
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Related questions

Name the East Asian country confirmed outbreak of bird flu in December 2003?


Should I be worried if there is an outbreak of Asian flu because during the bird flu outbreak all the birds were slaughtered and with this new swine flu outbreak many pigs are being slaughtered?

Are you Asian? If so, you are still not at risk of being slaughtered if the Asian flu breaks out in your area. [Assuming that is what your question means as a joke, otherwise the connections in your question are not clear.] In any case, if you get your flu vaccinations each year, you should be protected against the Asian flu if it has potential for spreading into your area during a future flu season. It is not expected to be one of the types of flu circulating in the 2011-2012 flu season in the US.

Should herpes patients get the flu vaccine during an outbreak?

During a flu outbreak, it is recommended that a person with herpes get immunized against the flu. By being immunized against the flu, the person with herpes can possibly avoid having a herpes simplex outbreak due to the stress on the body brought on by the flu.

Can people get bird flu?

yes. bird flu is the flu.

What are the release dates for Burt Flu The Bird with Bird Flu - 2005?

Burt Flu The Bird with Bird Flu - 2005 was released on: USA: 11 December 2005

What virus is caused by bird flu?

It is really the other way around, viruses cause bird flu; the bird flu does not cause other viruses, just the viruses of bird flu. There are various types of bird flu. The two types of avian (bird) flu currently known to infect humans are H5N1 and H7N9.

Which sentence best states the purpose of the Bloomberg Business article What a Bad Flu Season Could Cost the US Economy?

It informs readers about the likely economic effects of this year's flu outbreak. It explains the economic effects of yearly flu outbreaks.

You just had an outbreak does this mean your husband has been cheating on you?

outbreak of the flu?

Is bird flu the past tense of bird fly?

No, bird flu is a disease caught from birds.

What does the name Avien mean?

Bird. Such as Avian Flu -- Bird Flu.

What if your dog has the bird flu?

Dogs are not susceptible to the H5N1 bird flu.

What happened 100years ago?

There was a flu outbreak and Houdini died

What is the average number of weeks of a typical flu outbreak Will the Swine Flu relate to that time?

the swine flu will end this summer

What is bird flu?

Bird flu is another term used for avian influenza.

Can Penguins Spread Bird Flu?

Yes, all birds spread bird flu

What's Bird Flu?

Bird flu is another term used for avian influenza.

What is the origin of the name swine lu?

Swine flu was first discovered in people working with pigs. Flu is a disease that is transmitted in various forms among people, pigs, and birds. Sometimes bird flu is transmitted to pigs, and sometime pig flu is transmitted to people. What actually happens is that a pig has pig flu and catches bird flu. A chromosome from the bird flu gets mixed with the pig flu and changes it to a different type of flu. Then a person with human flu catches pig flu. A chromosome with pig and perhaps bird flu mixes with the human flu. The flu is mainly human flu but contains pig and bird flu chromosomes. It got the name swine flu because people working with pigs caught it first. Because it has the pig and bird chromosomes, people with resistance to human flu, have less resistance to swine flu.

Is bird flu a DNA or RNA virus?

Bird flu (Avian Flu) is a Type A influenza and contains RNA.

What is or was the most dangerous flu?

One of the deadliest flu pandemics was the 1918 Spanish Flu outbreak with millions of deaths world wide.

What is the difference between a flu epidemic and a flu pandemic?

Epidemic refers to an outbreak of many infections in a particular area, town, county, etc. Pandemic means that the outbreak is happening in many countries.

Is a death caused by bird flu?

Humans and birds can die from avian "bird" flu. Up to 60% of humans who get avian flu can die.

Does Zimbabwe have Swine Flu?

No confirmed reports yet, but in the LOWVELD there has been an outbreak of very deep flu which is yet to be tested. I suspect that its swine flu.

What are the symptoms of the bird flu virus?

The Bird Flu virus manifests itself in a variety of ways. The symptoms of bird flu are: running nose, high ever, cough, lethargy, and general fatigue.

How many people caught bird flu?

only birds could have bird flu. it passed on from bird to bird through touch or their s hit. if anothere bird got sh at on by a bird with bird flue that bird would have it.

What is the most recent outbreak in the 21st century?

the swine flu