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The light house is next the next place after the playground. If you mean Big Nate Island.

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Where do you get the photogragh in Poptropica?

its flying around the lighthouse

Where is the old picture on poptropica?

you have to go to the top of the lighthouse and you should see it flying around the middle of the lighthouse.

What do you do in the lighthouse for Poptropica?

you climb the lighthouse and look through the telescope to see that you need a peice of paper under the rock

Where is ca'p Salty in poptropica?

Cap'n Salty is on the right side of the lighthouse.

Were is the lighthouse in poptropica?

At Big Nate Island. You have to keep going right on the island.

Where do you get the wet suit on poptropica?

For big Nate? you get the photo flying by the lighthouse and trade

Where is the photograph on big Nate poptropica?

It;s floating in the wind next to the lighthouse

How do you get the torch in ghost story island on Poptropica?

go to the lighthouse but watch out for wind!

Where do you use the scuba gear on poptropica?

You use it on Big Nate Island by the lighthouse.

Where do you use the lopster on poptropica big nate island?

you use it to turn the light on the lighthouse

On poptropica where do you get the picture to give to the photographer?

Get it at the lighthouse. It should be flying around in the left side.

How do you turn the lighthouse around in poptropica?

u need the lobster,then use it and it will turn it around.

Where is the reef on ghost story island on poptropica?

At the upper left, above the lighthouse. You can only search the reef after you talk to the ghost lighthouse keeper and use the searchlight.

What should you do on poptropica when you get the lobster what do you do with it?

Go up the lighthouse. There is a handle. Use the lobster to turn the handle.

Where is the old picture in big nate island poptropica?

It's flying around near the lighthouse

How do you get the seagle away from the bell on big nate poptropica?

you get a lobster, then you go to the lighthouse, and use the the lobster by the light

Where is the place with no lght on early poptropica?

That would be the lighthouse. You get it on top of the water tower, but you need a jet pack.

How do you get to the prison in poptropica the ghost story?

Look for it when you use the lighthouse to look for it then use the boat to go to the prison

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