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OH! Under the profile pic of the fan page is a link that says "Remove me from fans" oh, if its not under the picture its close to the bottom of the page on the left side of the page.


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There is no to need to link the account if you are the admin of your page then your profile account is directly linked to the Facebook Fan Page

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a facbook friend means :: you have a friend on facebook a facbook fan means that:: you love facebook

Install facebook app like RSS Graffiti to connect your blog to facebook. After installing it, copy and embed your Blog's RSS Feed to the app. Customize the setting and you're done! Every post in your blog will automatically posted in your facebook fan page. Hope this helps!

Michael never had a personal account, only a fan page.

Alice Connor's Official Fan PagePlease see the related link to go to Alice Connor's Official Fan Club on Facebook. Please note that this appears to be a page that was created by fans, not one on which you can send fan email to Alice Connor.

Go to his FaceBook Fan Page and click 'Like'.

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Unfortunately, you can not see who has unliked your facebook fan page. Facebook doesn't send notifications to the page admin once a fan or fans UNLIKE its fan page.

He has a facebook fan page but not an actual facebook

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