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Where is the location of Chaco Canyon?

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New Mexico, US.

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What does Chaco mean in Chaco Canyon?

Chaco means old enemies.

When was Chaco Canyon National Monument created?

Chaco Canyon National Monument was created in 1907.

Chaco Canyon was the home of the?

The Pueblo people.

After which events does the construction of cahokia belong?

Drought strikes Chaco Canyon

Who celebrates solstice?

The Anasazi indains from Chaco Canyon, New Mexico

What has the author Thomas C Windes written?

Thomas C. Windes has written: 'Stone circles of Chaco Canyon, northwestern New Mexico' -- subject(s): Antiquities, Stone circles, Chaco culture 'Investigations at the Pueblo Alto Complex, Chaco Canyon, New Mexico, 1975-1979' -- subject(s): Chaco culture, Antiquities

Who built the cliff dwelling chaco canyon?

The Chaco canyon buildings were built by the ancestors of todays Pueblo people. They are often called the Ancestral Pueblo people. They are not cliff dwellings but on level ground and made of stone.

How was turquoise used by the Anasazi of chaco canyon?

freak yall just answer the dam question i got hw to do!

What actors and actresses appeared in The Mystery of Chaco Canyon - 1999?

The cast of The Mystery of Chaco Canyon - 1999 includes: Paul Pino as Himself - Laguna Pueblo Council member - this is not the same Paul Pino in your database Robert Redford as Narrator Anna Sofaer as Herself - archaeoastronomer

What did the oldest evidence of humans in the canyon now what is it we can see?

Evidence of humans in the Chaco Canyons were small pit houses.

What is the location for Grand Canyon?

It is in northwestern Arixona.

What is the location of the Grand Canyon?

It is in northwestern Arizona/

What is the location in Grand canyon?

It is in northwestern Arizona.

What is the location of the snake river canyon?


What is Chaco Province's population?

The population of Chaco Province is 1,055,259.

What is the location of the Bryce Canyon national park?


What is the relative location of the Grand Canyon?

It is in northwestern Arizona.

What statement about the Gran Chaco region is not true?

The Gran Chaco region is to be found on Pluto. The Gran Chaco region is made of marshmallows.

What has the author Anna Sofaer written?

Anna Sofaer has written: 'Chaco astronomy' -- subject(s): Chaco cosmology, Chaco astronomy, Antiquities

What is the name of the largest gorge in the world?

AnswerThe Grand Canyon of the Colorado River.The Grand Canyon is correct... the location is Arizona.

Where is Chaco Canyon and what is it like?

It is in San Juan and McKinley Counties, New Mexico between Farmington and Albuquerque and is an interesting site to visit to gain insight on the early Pueblo Indians.

When was Chaco National Park created?

Chaco National Park was created in 1954.

What is the location of the Grand Canyon National Park?

It is in northwestern Arizona.

Where can you find the location of grand canyon?

In the state of Nevada in the USA.

Best location to view Grand Canyon?

The South Rim at Grand Canyon Village is probably the most accessible and visited.

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