Where is the location of Chicago Life Insurance company?


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The Headquarters of Chicago Life Insurance Company can not be found. I do not feel that this is an actual name for a company. The only information that I was able to find is for life insurance companies located in Chicago.

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I believe North American Life Insurance Company of Chicago merged into All American Life Insurance Company on 9/30/1974. All American Life Insurance Company merged into American General Life Insurance Company on 12/31/2002. So, American General now owns North American Life Insurance Company of Chicago.

"Life insurance is sold at several companies in Chicago, including North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance, Pacific Life Insurance Company, and National Life Insurance. Some nationally know insurance companies in Chicago are represented by branches of State Farm and Allstate Insurance."

The short answer is no. Chicago Life is the company name and does not imply that they sell only in the state of Chicago.

There is an insurance company called Federal Life Insurance Company.

There are tons of independent life insurance agents in Chicago. You could try or it all depends on the location of you're home.

Atliantic Life Insurance i think this is a typo ..Atlantic Life Insurance seems to be the right answer..

Who bought The Life Insurance Company of Virginia

No, Philadelphia Life Insurance Company merged into Conseco Life Insurance Company in October, 1998

Prudential is itself a life insurance company. Therefore, Prudential life insurance is nothing but life insurance that is provided through this company.

Globe Mutual Life Insurance Company of Chicago became Globe Life Insurance Company of Illinois in the 1930's. The company stopped selling new coverage in the late 1980's and now only manages policies it issued or managed prior to that time. In 1995 the company was assumed by Combined Insurance Company of America. The link below will provide all the contact information you need:

Monumental Life Insurance Company, a Transamerica Company, is changing its name to become Transamerica Premier Life Insurance.

In 1978 Peoples Home Life Insurance Company of Indiana's name changed to Federal Home Life Insurance Company. On January 1, 2007 Federal Home Life Insurance Company merged into Genworth Life and Annuity Insurance Company.

What company bought out Members Life Insurance Company

Most companies in the Chicago area will privide a free life insurance quote if you ask them. Make sure you have all the correct information, and ask about their free quotes.

There are many international life insurance companies. An example of an life insurance company is Met Life. Met is short for Metropolitan Life insurance company. It was founded in the year of 1868.

Looks like it was purchased by Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company in Milwaukee, then on to Fort Dearborn Life. Inquiries should by addressed to 300 E. Randolph Street, Chicago 60601, 800-348-4512

Gerber Life Insurance Company was founded in 1967. Gerber Life Insurance Company is headquartered in White Plains, New York. It is a leading provider of juvenile life insurance.

Jackson National Life insurance company is headquartered in Lansing, Michigan and has offices in: Denver, Colorado, California, Santa Monica, Chicago, Tampa, Florida, Illinois and Appleton, Wisconsin.

what happened to Life Insurance company of Georgia

No, but there is a First United American Life Insurance Company

China Life Insurance Company was created in 2003.

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