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some times Gm will put the fuel filter in lineunder the car on the frame rail. just look under the car and follow the fuel line. best of luck


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The oil filter location for the 2000 Buick LeSabre is on the front of the motor. Look just to the left of the fan belt near the left side of the motor.

The fuel filter is on the frame just forward of the gas tank.

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Under car, driver's side, by the rear tire

With Buick, The "Limited" is always the more expensive upgrade version.

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The battery for the Buick LeSabre (2000) is located under the rear seat cushion.

the crankshaft sensor is located behind the harmonic balancer on the ft timing cover

You have to pop the rear seat out and there it will be.

On my 98 buick LeSabre the fuel filter was under the car passenger side just in front of the rear tire.Good luck!

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Yes you can. The only difference between the Custom and the Limited is the trim level (Seat fabric, wood grain, etc.) Everything else is interchangeable.

The PCV valve for a 2001 Buick LeSabre is located in the top of one of the valve covers. It is a plug in unit and is easily changed.

Probably under vehicle follow the fuel line from the tank Probably under vehicle follow the fuel line from the tank

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