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Look under the exhust manifold.

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What Toyota pickup offers the longest wheelbase and biggest bed size?

The Toyota pickup with the largest wheelbase and bed is the Tacoma. You can read inforation on the Tacoma and all of its features at

Why does 1995 Toyota Tacoma pulley keeps coming loose why Tacoma?

i have a 1998 Toyota tacoma pickup the pulley is loose on it does it free float or what

Does a 1989 Toyota Tacoma have airbags?

well, considering that there is no 1989 Toyota tacoma, i wouldn't think so..if you're talking about a 1989 Toyota pickup, then no

Where is the oil filter on a 1991 Toyota base model pickup?

Where is the oil filter located on a 1991 toyota pickup

Toyota pickup 1993 rims on 1996 tacoma?


Does a Toyota Tacoma wheel fit a Toyota pickup 4x4?

If both are 4X4 then yes.

What models of pickup trucks does Toyota offer?

Toyota offers only two different types of models that are catergorized as pickup trucks, the Toyota Tundra and the Toyota Tacoma.

Where is the fuel filter located on a 2002 Toyota Tacoma 2-wheel drive 4 cylinder pickup truck?

i belive your fuel filter is in your gas tank drive safe

How much does your Toyota Tacoma weigh?

I think my 87 Toyota pickup weighs 2,000 lbs

Will a windshield from a 2002 Toyota Tacoma fit a 1991 Toyota pickup?

Sadly, it will not.. they are different shapes.

How popular is the Toyota Tacoma?

The Toyota Tacoma is a fairly popular pickup truck. The Tundra may be slightly more popular full-size truck.

How do you replace the fuel filter on a 2003 S10 pickup?

where is the fuel filter on tacoma prerunner located

Where is the cabin air filter located on a 2002 Toyota tacoma 4 wheel drive pickup?

They are normally located either behind the glove box or under it somewhere.

How do you change a cabin air filter on 2002 Toyota Tacoma 4 wheel pickup?

There isn't one. Cabin air filters were not introduced on Tacomas until 2006.

Where is the fuel filter on 1982 Toyota pickup 2.4L?

how to change filter

What cars take Fram TG3593A oil filter?

any v-6 toyota camry from 1989 to 1999. also toyota pickup and tacoma (4 cyl) also toyota avalon, and lexus es300 and es330.

Where is the fuel filter located on a four cylinder 1995 Toyota pickup truck?

The fuel filter is located on the firewall on a four cylinder 1995 Toyota pickup truck!

Where is the obd II port located in a 95 Toyota pickup?

It depends if you really have a 95 toyota pickup or if you really have a 95.5 tacoma A 95 pickup is obd1 as obd2 started in 96 (or 95.5 on tacomas)

92 Toyota pickup v6 engine anti knock sensor location?

89 toyota pickup v6 engine anti knock sensor location

Where is the inertia switch for a 1995 Toyota Tacoma?

The inertia switch, on your 1995 Toyota Tacoma pickup truck, can be found on the firewall in the engine compartment. The switch will be located on the drivers side of the firewall.

What is the fire order that has coil pack for a 1998 Toyota tacoma sr5 pickup 2 wheel drive?

what is the fire order for a coil pack and cylinders for a 1998 toyota tacoma sr5

Where is the ECU switch on a 2001 Toyota Tacoma pickup?

Behind the drivers side kick panel.

Where can you buy a spare tire crank rod for a Tacoma pickup?

Salvage yard or Toyota dealer.

Where is the fuel pump on 2003 Toyota Tacoma pickup?

Mounted on top and inside the fuel tank.

Does a 1988 Toyota pickup with a manual transmission have a filter?

it has an oil filter, fuel filter, air filter, but no trans filter.