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The low pressure side of most cars is the larger of the 2 lines. This should hold true for the Comanche as well.

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Where is the low pressure air conditioner charge fitting located for a 1996 jeep?

Back of the compressor.

Where is the fitting to add refrigerant on a 2002 Saturn?

The air conditioner compressor has two fittings. You can add refrigerant to the low port fitting. The air conditioner compressor can be found on the right hand side of the engine near the front.

Where is the low pressure switch located?

Typically on the compressor itself although it could also be on the low pressure side from the evaporator line. Look for a "tee" on the low pressure supply line with a wired fitting and that will be it. where is the low side on ford windstar 2002 air conditioner

Where is lower pressure air conditioner charge fitting located for xj6 jaguar?

the low side value is located at the back of the compressor keep in mind the low side is the bigger hose high side the smaller hose

How do you release pressure from a 1998 regal air conditioner to replace the compressor?

If you are not going to capture the old Freon, just loosen a fitting and let it bleed off. Don't take it completely loose, just until it start to hiss.

Where is the low pressure AC located?

The low pressure Is the line from the evaporator or the interior compartment to the compressor . Also Known as the suction Line. Alot of times it is recognised by a BLUE cap on the fitting. Caution be sure that you do not get confused with the line from the compressor to the Condensor located in front of the raditor. Not a difficult fitting to locate. Hope this helps . Ron

Where is the low pressure charge fitting on a 1997 Dodge Ram 318 CID?

Follow the larger hose from compressor this is low side

Where is the low side charge fitting on a 2003 Chevy Tahoe?

The low pressure side of the ac system is the ac hose that runs from the inside of the vehicle to the ac compressor. The high pressure side runs from the ac compressor to the condensor in front of the radiator. Follow the ac hose from the compressor back to the body and you will find the charge fitting. It is smaller in diameter than the high pressure side. You would need a different adapter to hook up to the high side.

Where is low pressure ac access fitting for 2002 Chevy pickup?

The LOW pressure fitting is SMALLER than the HIGH pressure fitting.

How do you add freon to a Lincoln ls?

The low pressure tap or fitting is located on the compressor underneath the car drivers side. It is the larger of the 2 metal pipes.

What is the difference between a drainage fitting and a pressure fitting?

Drainage fittings have pitch and are not pressure rather

Where do you hook up the hose to add freon to a 1995 Chevy Monte Carlo?

Quick release fitting located on the low pressure side (Larger hose from compressor)

Where's the low pressure AC recharge fitting on the Olds Achieva 2.4L Quad 4?

The low pressure fitting (service port) in on the suction / low pressure hose (the larger hose between the dash and the compressor) since you are using 134a equipment the low charge fitting will olny fit the low size service port. Mark K-------Raleigh, NC On my 96 Achieva SC, it is under the car just behind the radiator next to the compressor. It is a pain to get to. It is next to the radiator hose so you can burn yourself when you use it. Tom F------Macon, GA

Where is low pressure side fill port for 1999 ford explorer air conditioning?

the low pressure line is always the biggest diameter line hooked to the compressor. should be a fitting that looks like a valve stem on that line.

Where do you add freon on a 1990 Mitsubishi Eclipse?

you will need to add, most likely R134a, to the low pressure side of the compressor. this will be the larger of the two hoses going to the compressor. follow the large hose back until you reack a fitting, that is you lp fill nipple.

Where is the air conditioner orifice on a 2002 camaro?

Where the high pressure hose connects to the evaporator, You need to unscrew the fitting and with a needle nose pliers reach into the evaporator tube and pull it straight out

Where is the low pressure port on a 1997 Subaru air conditioner?

subaru ac low pressure fitting locationThe low pressure fitting for filling is what I hope you are looking for.It is located on the aluminum line coming [The larger fitting} into the the rear of the compressor. Vehicles today are sensitve as to level of refridgerant charge.3 to 5 ouces can make the difference in good operation and poor operation.Before it is decided to charge system it is best to make sure that all other ac componets are proper such as both fans up front operational,condenser in front of radiator clean,Hot cold blend door is actually moving all the way to cold.Also the cars cycle the compressor based on temp not pressure outlet temp usually never goes below 45.That sounds cold but when it is 95 out with 90 percent humidity with the sun baking down recirculation will be desired hope this helps

Where is the low pressure port on a 1998 Chevy blazer ac system?

The low pressure port is not located on the compressor. It is on the accuator cannister to the left (looking into engine compartment)( a metal silver finished object) with a capped black fitting pointing outward toward the passenger side fender. Previous answer from 'Sue' was correct except for misnaming the cannister/accuator as a compressor. Make sure you've found the low pressure port! Have a mechanic point it out to you just to be certain. Hi, The low pressure port is located on the air compressor. Open the hood and you should be able to easily see the compressor- it's the noticible silver cylindrical-shaped metal body on the left with hoses coming off of it. The low pressure port should be on the left side of the compressor, and it will have a black plastic cover on it. It's the only port on the compressor with no hoses coming off of it. Sue

Were do you add freon on a 2003 ford expedition xlt?

LOCATE THE SERVICE FITTINGS Next, you need to locate the service fittings on the A/C system. There are two: a LOW side fitting and a HIGH side fitting. The LOW side fitting is usually located on the suction hose or line that goes from the accumulator to the compressor. The HIGH side fitting is located on the line that goes from the compressor to the condenser. R12 Low Side 7/16 in. threaded ß----------à R134 Low Side 13mm Quick-disconnect R12 High Side 3/8 in. threaded ß----------à R134A High Side 16mm Quick-disconnect On older R12 systems, the LOW and HIGH pressure service fittings are screw-type Schrader valves. On newer R134a systems, the LOW and HIGH side service fittings are quick-connect style fittings. The LOW pressure fitting is SMALLER than the HIGH pressure fitting.

How do you fill my 3000 psi refillable air cylinder with air compressor from home can i is that possible?

Simply put; you cant. It would require quite a bit of engineering and material to make it happen, and would be more cost effective to simply buy a 3 stage compressor. You can however set up a fitting in place of your high-pressure regulator that fits your compressor to directly run your marker from it, if you have a low-pressure marker... If you dont have at least an intake filter, and preferably a dryer on your compressor, DONT DO IT! (you'll short your solenoid)

How can you increase the pressure in your bladerless water well tank?

Use an air compressor with an adapter fitting that will allow you to push air in through a spicket on the tank. I made an adapter with a water pressure tester gauge (that is made to attach to a water (hose) spicket.) I then took off the gauge and installed a quick connect air fitting (standard on air equipment and air hoses).

Is there a picture of low side service fitting?

if you are referring to the a/c lines just trace the biggest line from the back of your compressor to the fitting and that's your low side port.

Where is the low pressure air conditioning fitting located on a 1997 grand am?

It's usually near the receiver/dryer. That's the silver thing that looks like a tomato juice can with the ends rounded. Sometimes the receiver/dryer is wrapped, sometimes not. In any case, there should be a fitting that has a screw on dust cap. The 134A refrigerant for your vehicle comes with many options. You can get oil charge, UV Dye, colored dye, seal conditioner and generic-refrigerant-only. Unless you know of a specific need for any of the other options, just get the generic. Some of the cans even have a fitting and a gauge on them for convenience. Just be careful that you don't over-fill, otherwise you'll blow the seals out of the compressor, then you'll need a new compressor.

Where is the Low side to recharge AC in a 1996 lumina van?

The high pressure fitting is located either in the high pressure vapor line or muffler, while the low pressure fitting is located on the accumulator.......

Where is the freon outlet located on 1999 Honda accord?

While I'm not familiar w/ this particular model, I do know that you can follow the hard pipes that come off the compressor and they will lead you to the fittings, one will be the low pressure fitting (that's the one you need), and the other will be the high pressure fitting (don't mess with it). The low pressure outlet is going to be the bigger of the two, if you go to somewhere like Autozone or O'Reilly's (I prefer O'Reilly's) and buy the can of R134a that already has the connector on it, you can useit to determine which is the right one, because it will only fit on the correct fitting.