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Most YJs the engine computer is mounted on the firewall. In my 89 it was mounted behind the glove box, but I believed that changed when they switched to the 4.0 in 1991.

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Q: Where is the main engine computer on a 1995 Jeep and how much does one cost?
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How much does it cost to replace the governor chip on a 1995 jeep grand Cherokee?

There is no replacable "chip". You would need to replace computer.

How much does a jeep wrangler rebuilt engine cost?

Rebuilt engine for your Jeep Wrangler may price from 1k to 1.5 k $, depending on the condition of engine you choose.

How much does a computer board cost in a 1994 BMW 525i?

how much does a 1995 525i bmw computer cost?

How much did a computer cost in 1995?

From $900-$1400.

What should it cost to replace the oxygen sensor in a 2005 jeep wrangler in-line 6-cylinder?

My 2005 Jeep Wrangler X has it's engine light on which in turn failed inspection. The computer diagnosed a faulty O2 sensor on the exhaust cat converter. The cost is $240.00. The part cost anywhere from $20 to $100 depending on the vehicle.

How much does it cost to fix error code P0700 for a Chrysler?

P0700 is set in the engine computer when the transmission computer has also set codes. You need to know the codes in the transmission computer to know possible causes and cost.P0700 is set in the engine computer when the transmission computer has also set codes. You need to know the codes in the transmission computer to know possible causes and cost.

What is the average cost of fuel pump replacement on a 1995 Chevrolet Blazer with 6 cylinder engine?


How much would it cost to replace a fuel pump in a 1995 jeep grand Cherokee Laredo?

£220 gbp

Cost to rebuild a 1995 z28 camaro engine?

it costs 10 dollars

Where can you find a free engine diagram for a jeep 4.0 liter engine?

Auto Zone might be able to print one out for you for free. If for some reason they cant you may have to buy a haynes repair book that is for your jeep. it will have your engine diagram in it. but they cost around $12-$15

How much to repair a computer in a 1995 Cadillac eldorado?

How much it costs to repair a computer in a 1995 Cadillac Eldorado depends on several factors. As of 2014, it can cost upwards of 500 dollars.

Does it cost a lot of money to change the rings on a 1995 Chevrolet Caprice Police Package?

You will be looking at an engine overhaul which can cost $2,500 to $3,000.

How much would it cost to replace the computer system in a 1995 Honda Del Sol?

i'd say for a used computer...$100 off of eBay

How much do a computer cost for a 1995 Oldsmobile aurora?

Depends on which computer you are referring to. You have a climate control module, power-train control module, etc.

Is there any way that you can fit a V8 engine in your 1999 Pontiac grand am?

The computer won't work properly if you do. The engine would be the simple/inexpensive part. The computer and rewiring would be cost prohibitive.

1995 Jeep Wrangler check engine light came on month agao turned jeep off light stayed off today same thing light came on you turned jeep off light stayed off all gauges read fine battery guagelittlelo?

Something set it on. Some conditions will send this as an alert, but the engine will still run. It is not optimum and usually then puts the computer in "open-loop" instead of "closed-loop". Closed-loop is when all is functioning as it should and the sensors are feeding good data to the computer so it can monitor fuel mixture for optimum. In open-loop, the computer "guesses" at the fuel mixture so usually uses more fuel than neccessary. The way to find out why the lite came on is get into the computer & see what codes are there. 1996 & newer use OBD II as a standard. Pre-1995 are OBD I and cars differ in how to get the codes from the computer & decipher them. Hanes makes a good manual that is not outragious (about $15). It should tell you how to get at the codes & what the code means. If you still cannot figure it out, take it to a good Jeep mechanic to diagnose & fix but yes it will cost. You might also try an OBD I scanner, I have seen them for about $30-50 depending on the features. My older 1991 has a diagnostic port on the fire wall driver side. I am not sure if the 1995 does, but I do know they have a different computer system between the 2 of these years. I think the 91 & 92 were same then they changed from 93-95. Hope this helps

How much does it cost to replace lifter in Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Labor cost lifter for jeep cherokee

What is the cost of a Jeep Compass?

The Jeep Compass is a very affordable vehicle to purchase. The MSRP for a new 2012 is $20,075. To purchase a 2011 Jeep Compass it will cost you around $16,495.

Can you put driver side or passenger side airbags in 1995 Jeep Wrangler if so where can you get a kit?

Anything is possible with enough money. But no, the cost would be prohibitive.

What is the cost of a cv joint for a 1997 jeep?

I just replaced a cv joint on a 1995 grand Cherokee the part cost me about 150 bucks.Im not sure but I would think the 97 would have the same part number

How much does it cost to replace an emission hose on a Jeep Wrangler?

How much does it cost to replace a worn emission hose on a Jeep Wranger?

What was the average cost for a car in 1995?

how much did a car cost in 1995

Cost of computer brain for 1998 camaro?

Cost of computer brains vary. If you know the engine size like 5.0 or 5.7 it could cost around a grand or two. that is if you buy it new. You could buy it used and save a few bucks.

Cost to replace a water pump on a 1991 Jeep Grand Wagoneer?

without knowing engine displacement an est with any kind of accuracy is not possible!!

Where can you buy a Jeep engine?

I have a 91 Cherokee and bought a new inline six from It cost me about 2000 to have it sent to my house, and it has been running great for me. It was all built to exceed the standards for the engine at the year.