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One example: Numbers ch.31.

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Q: Where is the mention of earrings in Torah?
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Does the Torah mention Jesus?


Does the Torah or Talmud mention Lilith?

No, but she's mentioned in Midrash

Was moses wrapped in a Hebrew blanket?

The Torah doesn't mention anything about a Hebrew blanket. That was from the movie, "The Ten Commandments" (1956).The Torah doesn't mention anything about a Hebrew blanket. That was from the movie, "The Ten Commandments" (1956).

Is muhammad in the torah?

There is no mention of Muhammad in the Torah, mainly because it was written before he was born. There are some Muslims who interpret Torah prophecies as referring to Muhammad, but this is opinion only.

Who was the mother of the Biblical figure Abraham?

RUTHThe Torah does not mention Abraham's mother.

Did Abraham wear a kippah?

It is unknown. There is no mention in the Torah of Abraham wearing a kippah.

Who was the pharaoh that enslaved the Hebrews?

The Torah doesn't actually mention the Pharaoh by name.

Who was Moses's step father?

The Torah does not mention that Moses ever had a step father.

What do Torah scrolls have to do with Native Americans?

Nothing. The Torah Scrolls belong the Jewish people, not to Native Americans and do not mention Native Americans at all.

What is Lex Talions?

It is the first mention in the Torah of the doctrine of an "eye for an eye." See below link;

Did Jews wear earrings?

Some did and some still do. Earrings as female jewelry are mentioned in the Torah several times (Exodus 32:2 and 3, Exodus 35:22, Numbers 31:50. See also Genesis 24:22).

What city did the Hebrews become slaves?

The Torah doesn't mention a specific city, only that they were slaves in the country of Egypt.

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