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most overdrive transmissons no longer have modulator valves they are computer controlled.

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Q: Where is the modulator valve on a 92 ford tempo v-6 auto trans?
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Does a 94 Dodge van auto trans have a modulator?

No. No.

Does a 1993 jeep 4x4 auto trans have a modulator and location?

A 1993 Jeep does not have a transmission modulator.

Where is the auto trans modulator valve located2003 Ford Explorer XLT6cyl4.0L?

Starting with the 1995 Ford Explorer the automatic transmissions are electronically controlled ( I'm not a mechanic / technician but as far as I know it doesn't have a modulator valve )

Where is auto transmission modulator valve located?

Typically, you can find the transmission modulator valve near the rear of the transmission. Its function is to control and regulate pressure.

Where is the modulator valve on 1992 grand am auto trans is it vacuum or electric? has online manuals that give step by step how to has online manuals that give step by step how to

Does a 1999 dodge durango 518 auto trans have a modulator valve?

No. That transmission has a computer controlled electronic governor. If it is not shifting properly you need to start by checking PCM codes.

Where to Put oil in 84 Ford Tempo trans-axle?

Auto, or 5 speed ?

Does a 1985 mercury grand marquis with auto trans have a overflow relief valve incase of trans fluid overfill?


What tool do you use to get the vacuum modulator off a 1990 geo tracker auto trans 4x4?

they do make a special tool called a modulator wrench just for that, but I used a pair of channel locks opened all the way with a rag around the modulator. just loosen it up and use your Hans after that.

Where does the ball bearing go in the valve body of a 87 Chevy truck?

Most valve bodies have multiples-identify auto trans and perhaps someone can help you

Why wont a 89 Ford Bronco w auto not move when put in gear Fluid is full and trans pump is working?

Internal clutch pack might be worn. There might be a problem with the auto-trans "valve body", the filter might be plugged, but if that's the case the trans is through anyway. The torque converter is bad or the intire trans is bad

What would cause white smoke from the exhaust on a 1991 buick regal?

Answer DIAGNOSE,whitr exhaust smokecould be either 1/ perforated diaphragm on the auto transmission MODULATOR VALVE. OR a LEAKING cylinder head gasket(or cracked cyl head) see IF using water if NOT then probably modulator valve

Will a auto trans 1998 Cherokee 2wd 4.0 go into a 1997 wrangler 4wd 2.5 with auto trans?

No. The Cherokee uses a Aisin trans while the Wrangler uses a Chrysler trans,

What kind of oil do you use in transfer case 93 jeep wrangler?

Auto trans fluid (atf)Auto trans fluid (atf)

Shift modulator valve on 1999 Buick regal?

the 4t60-e transmission uses a shift modulator that can be found at most auto part stores. however i believe the '99 regals use the 4t65-e transmission which are not vacuum operated therefor to up the shift pressure you will need a tuner or a shift kit.

Why would a Chevy have first gear and the engine rev but not try to upshift?

Either you have a vacuum leak on your transmission or the bands on second and third gear are burnt off. Try pulling off the transmission oil pan.(if you do this make sure you have enough Auto Transmission fluid to put back in unless you find a bunch of sludge in the pan. If this is found then the bands are burnt off and the transmission should be replaced.) For a vacuum leak start up the vehicle and open the hood. If you hear a hissing sound then there is a vacuum leak and it usually is down on the transmission itself or right at the carburator. you can check the vacum at the modulator with a vacum gauge. if you pull the hose off the modulator & trans fluid comes out them the modulator is bad answer if you are saying that the trans does not even try to shift out of first then you have trash in the valve body or broken parts. if the vehicles pulls from first then the engine revs up and does not pull then the clutch packs have failed. a vacuum modulator causes hard/slow shifting but does not stop the trans from shifting

What is the difference in radiators used in auto trans and manual trans?

Auto transmission radiator has a cooling chamber for transmission fluid to circulate

02 Hyundia centra auto trans stuck in third speed?

02 Hyundai sentry auto trans stuck in 3rd

Why might a transmission not shift?

what type of transmission? for 4L60E trans, try changing the A & B solenoid before giving up on ur current trans, these are located in the pan, they are black and sit side by side, a spring clip holds them in place. cost bout $50 AnswerIf it has a modulator valve gone bad - this will prevent it from shifting. Call Auto zone and ask if there is this type of valve for your transmission. Check the fluid level. Check for trouble codes with a scanner, Check shift linkage/vaccum lines.

Is the sensor inside the trans on a 1995 Mercury overdrive?

Inside the auto trans.

Ford F-150 auto trans studder around 50mph why?

My ford f150 auto. trans studder at around 50mph when in overdrive. why?

Why would brake lights and gear shift lock not work on Honda Civic 1993?

check the netural safety switch on the transmission valve body. only if auto trans

What trans will fit a 79 power wagon?

a 727 auto, a 904 auto

What would be the problem if the auto-transmission take awhile to shift to 3 gear on a 1994 F-150 4X4 truck?

check vacum line to modulator, or replace modulator

How do change clutch in a 94 tempo?

To change the clutch of a 94 Tempo, one needs to make use of Ford Tempo clutch kit. This kits is available at Auto Parts Warehouse.