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Where is the neutral backup switch located on a 1993 Nissan Altima GXE?


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no lo se cabron yo tamben ando buscando eso pero checate esta pagina chance y te sirva :)


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This car has a keyless ignition and has a backup key slot to the lower left of the driver to place the key if the battery in the key fob has a weak battery in it.

the backup light switch is part of the neutral start switch. it is located behind the shift lever at the bottom front of the transmission. it has about 8 wires coming out of the plug.

You can find the Nissan backup light fuse in the fuse box. The backup light fuse will be the number 17 fuse.

the neutral / backup light switch is on the side of the transmission. You can cut and splice them.

The neutral safety switch and backup light switch are one in the same. You have to replace it. It is located on the transmission where the shifter connects to it.

In the 1988 Nissan the alternator, instrument panel, and backup lights shared a fuse. Before changing a fuse see if the backup lights work (have someone watch when you are in reverse). If the neutral start/backup light switch is broken internally, it can be blowing the fuse when you put the car in reverse.

Look on the transmission, drivers side, in front of the cross member, toward the top.

The backup light switch on a 2003 E350 van is located on the column under the dash, just inside the firewall. The neutral safety and reverse lights are both controlled by one switch.

Should be on the left side of the trans right around the shift lever it will have a connector with 3 pins the one in the center is the neutral switch it is also the backup light switch.

The neutral start ( or neutral safety ) switch on an automatic transmission allows the vehicle to start only in park or neutral , and also acts as the backup light switch

If it's a 4-spd the switch will be mounted on the side of the transmission. If the car is an automatic...There is a combination "neutral safety-backup light" switch located under the center console on the passenger side.

The neutral start switch mounted on your automatic transmission also serves as the back up lamp switch.

It is inside the transmission, on the top of the valve body. It is part of the range sensor/solenoid assembly.

Try checking the neutral safety switch. This switch is the one in automatic transmissions that makes the backup lights "flip" on when going from park to drive as you go through the gears. When my neutral safety switch shorted my backup lights stayed on constantly.

There isn't a neutral safety switch. There is a manual lever position sensor(MLP). It combines all the fuctions of backup lights, neutral safety, and informing the PCM what gear you have selected into one unit. Follow the shift cable out to the transmission, and at the end, you will find the MLP.

AnswerIt should be on the left side of trans where the shift levers are. It is called the neutral safety switch and the backup light switch is built into the same switch. So, this switch allows your car to only be started in park or neutral and when in reverse, it will turn on the backup lights. There are four wires on the neutral safety switch with a square connector on the end.

The backup sensors are located in the rear bumper. The four circles on the bumper.

check reverse light switch on transmission.

Check the steering column. There is a switch mounted to the column that controls the backup lights and the neutral safety switch.

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