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Transmission range switch (neutral-safety) located on top of transmission, has a 12pin connector.

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Q: Where is the neutral safety switch in a 1995 Buick Riviera?
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Does a Buick Riviera with console have a neutral safety switch on it?

It should be on the transmission where the linkage connects.

What does the neutral safety switch look like and were is it located on a 1993 Buick lesabra?

what dose the neutral safety switch look like and were is it located on a 1993 buick lesabra at

Where is neutral safety switch on a 1995 buick lesabre?

On the transmission

How do you replace neutral safety switch 1986 buick skyhawk?

I cannot give you a detailed answer, but I can tell you the neutral safety switch is in the steering column, associated with the shifter, and is not in the transmission.

What is the location of the neutral safety switch in a 1994 Buick skylark 6-cylinder custom?

The neutral safety switch should be on the side of the transmission. It is where the linkage connects to the side.

How do you change a park neutral safety switch on a buick regal?

find the neutral safety switch which is commonly located somewhere on the interior of the car near the steering shaft or on the transmission

92 Buick park ave?

I'm trying to locate the neutral safety switch for my 92 buick park-ave

Where is the safety neutral switch located on a 1989 buick lesabra?

On top of the transmission where the shift cable is.

Where is the location of the 1998 Buick Lesabre neutral safety switch?

Under the shifter cable on top of transmission.

What does a Buick century 1995 3.1 neutral safety switch control Will it keep a trans from going into reverse?

A neutral safety switch makes sure that the gear select is either in neutral, or park, befor a car is allowed to start. No, it will not stop a trans for allowing you to put it in reverse.

Why will your 1990 Buick LeSabre not start unless you pull up on the gear shift?

it sounds like your neutral safety switch

Where is the neutral safety switch located on a 1987 Buick Electra Park Avenue?

On the transmission under the shifter cable bracket

1971 buick gs reverse lights do not work?

neutral safety switch on top of steering column under dash.

Location of Neutral safety switch on Buick Riviera?

You do not give a year, engine size, trans type........ so the generic answer is on the shift shaft of the transmission behind the shift cable's lever and mounted to the trans case. On a FWD trans, it is a foot below the brake master cyl.

Why would a 1998 Buick not start when you turn the key?

Any of the following.... Bad battery, bad starter, bad ignition switch, bad neutral safety switch

Buick pnp switch?

Park and Neutral Position Switch

How do you fix a windshield wiper switch on a 1995 Buick Riviera that remains on when in the off position?

If a windshield wiper switch on a 1995 Buick Riviera stays on when in the off position, it might be the fault of the windshield wiper relay. It could also be that the switch itself needs to be taken off and reset on the dial.

When was Buick Riviera created?

Buick Riviera was created in 1963.

How do you deactivate the PASS-key II on a 1996 Buick Riviera?

how do you bypass pass key on 96 buick riviera? wire from key switch has been pulled out of connector?thanks.Carl.

Buick 1992 riviera?

buick riviera '92. My dad had one and he loved it.

Is there another general moters turn signal switch that will work on a 1963 buick riviera my switch is broken i cant find a new one?

Me too...damn... :(

Where is the neutral safety switch located for a 1994 Buick Century?

Column shift? at the bottom of the steering column near the firewall Floor shift? Either under shift console or at side of transmission

1993 Buick PA will not start battery is good all fuses ok ylw wire hot through ing. switch ylw not hot at postn. switch. There seems to be fuse or relay not pulling in. Where do I need to check next?

Check\replace the neutral safety switch.

1988 Buick Riviera cold idle adjustment?

choke idle adjustment on 1988 Buick Riviera

Why does Buick Riviera backfires when you accelarate?

i have a 92 buick riviera that putters and chuggs when i accelarate but idles great