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Look around the main streets of each of the islands, and in the public rooms. There isn't a specific place, because it s only found on certain people in the main streets. Keep Trying!

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On poptropica how do you get the costume with the plaid shirt?

in the store (;

What is the most popular outfit on poptropica?

it is the 4TH birthday outfit

Is their a swirl outfit on Poptropica?

no there is not there is a curlly one but no swirl outfit

How do you get a porters outfit on mystery train on poptropica?

The outfit is in the porter's closet.

How do you get a black cat outfit on poptropica?

become friends with username cattycat and she has the cat outfit

How do you get the Pinocchio outfit on Poptropica?

That is kinda stupid.

Where do You get the fairy outfit in poptropicacom?

In the poptropica store

How do you get gretchen grimlock's outfit on poptropica?

You costumize her.

Is a plaid shirt and blue jean shorts a cute outfit?

not really, it got kinda old.

What is the coolest outfit on poptropica?

It pretty much matters if the outfit combo you get is rare or not. But for me, a spy island outfit is pretty cool.

How do you take off the Monster High outfit in poptropica?

if you are an member you can get a different outfit from your closet but if not find somebody and copy their outfit

How do you get the golden pop star outfit on Poptropica?

There used to be one and it was limited edition. But u can join PHB (Poptropica Help Blog). To see whats next and new. Sorry about the popstar outfit I wanted that too. :D ~ Alyssa Campos! Hope it Helped!

How do you get the porter's outfit on Poptropica?

go in the porter's closet

How do you get a sparkly gold pop star outfit on poptropica?

You can't anymore, because it was a limited edition outfit.

How do you get the porters leftover outfit in mystery train poptropica?

you go to the porters closet and the left over outfit is on the left

How do you get rid of a outfit if you buy the three saved outfits on poptropica?

There is currently no exchange or return procedure at Poptropica.

How do you throw the baseball on Poptropica if you have the fielder outfit?

space bar

Who do you give the viking outfit to in poptropica?

no 1 you keep it for yourself

Which island is the sea captain outfit on for poptropica?

s.o.s. island

How do you get the rock star 1 outfit on poptropica?

from the store but it was deleted

How do you get passed the sheriff guarding on mystery train on poptropica?

put on the poster outfit but its hard getting the outfit even if you cliked on it

Creepy but cool outfit on Poptropica?

Monster High in Main Street. But you have to be over eight years old on poptropica.

In poptropica does the vanish outfit from the store actually make you invisible from guards?


How do you cange your outfit on poptropica?

click on the cloths icon and then click on the person

Why is the rock star outfit deleted from the store on Poptropica?

because it does not like you!