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There are currently no comfirmed dates.

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Q: Where is the next Jonas brothers concert next year in 09?
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When is the next Jonas Brothers concert at the sprint center?

The Jonas Brothers are preforming on march 21 next year

Is there an upcoming Jonas Brothers concert in Atlanta?

The Jonas Brothers concert in Atlanta is coming up. It will be in the next month or so, I think that it says it is in the month of December, in 2011, this year.

When is the next Jonas brothers concert in Toronto?

Probabyly in the next year or so. Check their myspace and website.

When will Miley Cyrus be in Florida?

Miley was in Florida last year with the Jonas Brothers. I went to that concert. Miley was in Florida last year with the Jonas Brothers. I went to that concert.

After June When are the Jonas brothers coming to the UK?

They did a concert on 11th September and they should be back next year for the world tour.

Are the Jonas Brothers performing a concert on December 14th 2009?

That's way too far into the future. I don't know if the Jonas Brothers even know if they'll be having a concert then! ya who knows the schedule for next year...i don't even think that the Jo broz know where exactly they will be next year

When are the Jonas brothers in the UK next?

This Year. 2009.

Who will open for the Jonas Brothers concert?

this year 2010 on there tour demi lovato is opening for them

When are the Jonas Brothers coming to Portugal?

Probably next year

Are Jonas brothers doing a concert?

They did a world tour in 2009. But they will do another 1 this year ! (can't wait)

Will The Jonas Brothers Go on Tour Again Next Year?

Nobody really knows, you'll have to wait till next year.

Will the Jonas Brothers ever come to the Philippines?

Yes They Will IT might Be on November This Year Or January Next Year

Will The Jonas Brothers Come To Malaysia?

the Jonas brothers are gonna come to Malaysia next year for their World Tour!! That's good news girls!! If you don't believe me,you guys can go to and go to the Malaysia section..there the leader of the Malaysia group said that her father have a friend that works as a Maxis manager..he said that the company had ask the Jonas brothers to come to Malaysia and they will!!! so save your money to get the best seats at the upcoming Jonas brothers concert!!!

Are Jonas Brothers in Europe?

No there not in Europe right now they might be having a tour there next year

Will Jonas brothers come to Dubai?

May be they would on their world tour of 2009 or next year :(

Did someone sell their home to the a Jonas Brothers concert?

Yes, the mother of an 8 year old girl, living in Sacramento, California sold her home to buy front row seats and back stage passes to a Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus concert on the 'Best of Both Worlds Tour.'

What year did the first Jonas Brothers CD come out?

The year that the Jonas Brothers first CD came out in was 2006.

What is the title of the song the Jonas brothers sang at 3D Hannah Montana's concert?

they sang 2 they were wen u look me in the eyes and year 3000

How much money does The Jonas Brothers get?

The Jonas brothers made $12 million last year.

What song is on both Jonas Brothers album?

''Year 3000''it was on ''It's About Time'' and ''Jonas Brothers.''

When are the Jonas Brothers coming to south Australia?

as far as i know the Jonas Brothers are wanting to come to Australia but at this point in time they are very busy. they hope to tour at the end of next year. i really hope they do

Does anyone no if Jonas Brothers r cumin 2 nz next year?

umm.. im not really sure!!

Are the Jonas brothers coming to Christchurch?

My uncle plays there!!!!! But I doubt it. Possibly on their world tour next year, but as of now, no.

What year was the Jonas brothers?


Will the Jonas Brothers come to New Zealand?

It is said that they will next year, my friends dad works at the vector arena and she said that her dad said they will probably come next year