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For the '94, it is an OBD-1 system. The connector is located on top of the transmission, under the air intake hose, on the right side of the engine. There are three connectors, the one closest to the firewall, with three wires, is the OBD connector.

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Q: Where is the obd-1 or obd-2 connector on your 1994 mercury villager what pins do you connect to find stored codes?
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Where is the obd-1 or obd-2 connector on your 1993 mercury villager what pins do you connect to find stored codes?

1993 is OBD I and the connector is in the engine compartment above the transmission on the driver's side. I suggest using a code reader rather than trying to short wires.

Where is the jack stored in a 2001 mercury villager?

Not sure if it will be the same but I have a 1998 Villager and the jack is in the trunk behind a removable panel on the right hand side.

Where is the obd-1 or obd-2 connector on your 1995 mercury villager what pins do you connect to find stored codes?

On a 1995, there is no accessable OBD plug. There is a connector in the engine compartment that will give you the codes....... sort of !! The connector must be unplug and the proper pins jumped momentarily. Then the check engine light will start flashing to give you a number code sequence. However, without a repair manual (which has pictures), there is no way to tell you the exact location of the connector. It is near the starter motor along with two other connectors.

How do you obtain stored trouble codes for 2000 Mercury Villager?

You must have a code reader to interface with the OBDII data port under the dash.

Where is the OBD2 scanner on a 1999 Mercury Villager Van?

The Data Link Connector (DLC) is located under the dash right under the steering column. Use of a scanner is highly recommended as some engine faults will not activate the check engine light but will be stored as a code in the PCM. On some models, the DLC may be located in the engine compartment beside the starter. (wiring diagram required for ID) Save yourself a lot of guess work and buy a Haynes Repair Manual.

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