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Type in: Then type in: U.S. Government Custody Laws for California You should find some very interesting information. Good luck Marcy

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Q: Where is the official child custody website for California?
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How does child custody work in california?

In the state of California, the custody of a child will remain with the better suited parent. Like many states, child custody in California is usually a joint custody agreement unless there are extenuating circumstances.

Where can one find child custody lawyers in California?

There are a wide variety of lawyers which handle cases of child custody in California. A good resource which lists directories of these lawyers is the domain name "FamilyLawRights."

At what age can a child refuse custody by a parent after the parents' divorce in California?

A child cannot determine their own custody in any state. If the parent's can't work out a custody arrangement the judge will decide in the best interest of the child.

What age do you have to be for California child custody?

My friend once told me about this and I am not so sure if 18 years old as what she said is the right age for you to be qualified on child custody.

What are the laws for child custody in California?

Your question is too broad. Generally a judge determines custody based on the facts in the particular case and the best interest of the child.

If you file for custody of your child in California can you leave the state before the case is finilized?


What is the child support formula in the state of Virginia?

Virginia has three formulas:Basic child supportShared custody child supportSplit Custody Child SupportSee the official state link below for doing the calculations.

Does a father have to return tha child to mother if there is no court order in California?

Unless they are married or he has custody he has to return the child or it will be kidnapping. If you are not married and you have not established paternity yet or have not petitioned for visitation or custody she does not have to let you see the child. When not married she automatically get custody since there is proof she is the parent.

If no court order for custody has been granted and the parents are unmarried who has the custody of a child in California?

Mother has sole custody in every state except Arizona. see link below

Does California automatically grant unwed mother sole custody of child?

It is not a grant. A married couple has legal custody of their child by virtue of being legally married. An unmarried mother has sole custody of her child, since there is proof that she gave birth to the child, until the father establishes his paternity legally. Once he has established his paternity the father can request custody and visitations.

How do you get custody of a child that is not biologically yours but your name is on birth certificate?

You need a lawyer, not this website.

Do you have to pay child support if you have primary custody in California?

Fathers are frequently ordered to do so there, despite having primary custody. see link below

In California a father wants no custody or visitation does he still have an obligation to pay child support?

Yes, though in California the child support and visitation are linked. The less time you parent the child, the more you pay.

At what age can a child refuse visitation in a custody agreement in California?

See Link Below'Child Refusing To Visit Other Parent?'

California child custody laws?

California Child Custody Laws refer to both legal custody and physical custody. Legal custody is having the right to make decisions regarding the health, education and welfare of the child such as choosing physicians, medical care, schools, etc. Physical custody is basically where the child lives day to day, with the parent having the right to make day to day decisions for the child. The court can award sole legal and physical custody to a parent, or joint legal and physical custody to both parents or a combination thereof. The general standard for determining custody is "What arrangement is in the Best Interests of the Child." This determination involves looking at every aspect of a child's life including that child's personality and unique characteristics as well as analyzing each of the parent's abilities, personalities and relationship with the child. If you are interested in obtaining custody, be sure to read everything you can about winning custody as early in your action as possible. The parent who is more knowledgeable about the process and better prepared is most often more satisfied with the outcome of a child custody battle.

If an unwed mother has sole custody can she still get child support in California?

YES, a woman can file for child support and not address custody in the courts, but a man can not request visitation time without the subject of child support being addressed. All single mother have sole custody by default, in 49 states.

Do child support papers have anything to do with custody?

Generally no, though there is a presumption of primary residential custody for the obligee parent. In states like California, the amount of time the obligor parent has the child affects the amount of child support ordered.ClarificationChild support orders and custody orders are separate. Generally, the parent who pays child support pays it to the custodial parent.

Can the mother go to the father house and get her child if there isn't a court order saying that the dad has full custody?

No, the mother is no more entitled to custody than the father. If the father currently has temporary or implied custody, then a custody order must first be established before you can get partial custody or visitation rights. For example, if you moved out and left the child in the care of the father, you forfeited your custody rights until an official custody order has been established.

What isProtective Custody of child vs full custody of child?

It regards the issue of getting an emergency custody order for a child in need of care.

In California if father has primary physical custody and both parents have joint legal custody can the child choose which parent he wants to live with?

No, legally a minor has no choice in the matter.

How do you file for full custody of a child?

You gain full custody for a child by telling the judge you want full custody.

How can a mother win full custody?

i have a son in my custody what is the law in the phillipines about child custody if a child abandoned by his father

What is domiciliary custody?

Domiciliary custody refers to the parent who has physical custody. It's the parent with whom the child lives.Domiciliary custody refers to the parent who has physical custody. It's the parent with whom the child lives.Domiciliary custody refers to the parent who has physical custody. It's the parent with whom the child lives.Domiciliary custody refers to the parent who has physical custody. It's the parent with whom the child lives.

Does a teenage mother have custody of her child?

Yes. The child is your baby. As long as your a fit mother the child cannot be taken away from you. If you are a minor, your parents still have custody of you, but you have custody of your child.

How soon after a child starts to live with a non-custodial parent in California can apply for legal custody and child support with a current Child Support order in Texas?

As soon as possible. You will have to file an amendment to the existing order. This service may be available by mail. You want to make sure you have proof of custody such as school and/or medical records, daycare expenses etc. You may also be able to have this taken care of by a Court in California and have them contact the court services in Texas for you. It may take longer but this way a court official may be able to verify the child is in your possession.