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Where is the oil filter located on a 2004 Oldsmobile Alero?


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2008-02-09 22:32:40
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Under the front of the car. On V6 models, just behind to radiator, you have to remove the protection cover behind the front bumber to lower it after removing it, there are two wing-type nuts that hold the panel in place. I just changed the oil for the first time on my new 2004 Alero. The previous answer may have been in relation to the 4-cylinder engines and where the oil filter is located, but I have a Side V-6. The oil filter on those pups is right down front. Just pop the hood and look down past the AC hoses. You should see a blue filter if it's the first time the oil has been changed. Otherwise, it'll be whatever color the oil shop, or whoever changed it for you the last time, put in. It's easy access, but be careful going down with the arm. The fan shroud doesn't take kindly to being scraped against. Nasty gash on my arm as a remembrance of my first time! Both of the previous responses are correct for the V6, the first response is more correct. The filter is located at the front of the engine but the best way to change it is to climb under the car and remove the plastic shroud under the radiator with the two wingnuts. Once the shroud is removed, the oil filter is in plain view. I've just spent more time than I'd like to admit trying to find the oil filter on the 2.2 L engine. The prior answers are for the V6. For the 2.2 L, working from top the engine (yep - I crawled around under looking), on the oil filler cap side, look down beside the power steering pump and you'll see a black plastic cap with a fairly large hex head (1 and 1/4") for removal. This is it! The filter is a paper element unit that comes up as an assembly when you remove the back cap. I removed the air filter duct and sensor wire for ease of access. But you use a bar extension (like 10 ") connect to an adjustable wrench to loosen gently and up it all came without the usual mess and disassembly of air filter duct and sensor wire. Just different. To close, the torque is 25 Nn.

Mounted on the engine. This information might be found in your owner's manual (Not in my 2003 Alero). Don't have one, get one. Dealer or salvage yard is a source. It is there, keep looking.


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