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Look under the hood, the front of the engine, on the exhaust manifold. It should be the only thing with wire/s on the manifold. You will need a special socket to remove it. The tool is available to "Borrow" from the folks at AutoZone. If you need any further info, just gimme a shout.

Actually it depends on the engine. The 2.3/2.4 has the exhaust manifold on the back side of the engine - between the engine and firewall. You'll most likely have to get under the car to remove the O2 sensor. On the 2.2 the exhaust manifold is on the "front" of the engine between the engine and the front crossmember. You should be able to get to this O2 sensor without getting under the car (note I said *should*). Either way they're located on the exhaust manifold, before the catalytic converter.

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Q: Where is the oxygen sensor on a 1995 Chevy Cavalier?
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