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the paint code on an 85 corvette is located on the underside of the compartment door behind the drivers seat it will be the code on the bottom of the label after it says bse/clr coat it will have a lower marked by L and an upper marked by U followed by the four digit paint code


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The paint code is located on the trim tag which is located on the firewall near the brake booster or master cylinder

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In glove box along with options for truck.

The paint code is on the underside of the spare tire cover, in the truck. It is on a service code tag with the VIN number and a slew of other body codes for the car.

Usually it should be located on the side of the doors or under the hood

It might be in the inside of the drivers door jamb, or in the trunk by the spare tire look for exterior paint code designated -bc/ cc this number can be cross referenced by your local auto paint supplier or your dealer.

Inside the driver's side door on the forward part of the frame (above the door hinges, directly to the left of the headlight switch). There is a metal plate with the paint codes stamped on it.

on the inside of the drivers side door. on a white sticker (if it's still visible)

Miami blue - paint code L51C

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The paint code for the Vauxhall Astra should be on a sticker on the driver's side door frame. The code for the paint is the code that the company uses. It is not a universal code for all vehicle manufacturers.

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Typically with GM vehicles, the paint code (or codes if your car has accent colors or the like) is on the build sticker which contains your VIN number and also all of the RPO codes which represent standard features and options your specific car was built with. This build sticker can possibly be located in many places including: The glove box The rear of the Middle Console The top of drive shaft tunnel, Under a rear storage compartment Under the trunk lid In my own experience with my 2002 Corvette, the paint code was in the glove box. I had to remove all of it's contents and it was there... Hope this helps!

To find your color code look in the glove box, there is a white sticker with a bunch of service numbers. At the bottom of all the numbers there is a line that says BC/CC and a set of numbers. That is your paint code. here's a link: good luck!

It's located in the glove box, white label with all the codes listed on it and the paint code is listed on the very bottom of the label which consist of 4 digits after the letters "BC/CC U"! For example: My 02 Z71 has the code BC/CC U 8624 (Summit White) Paint codes are not available for body cladding! Hope this helps you.

check the sticker in glove box or center console look for the WA number on bottom left of sticker. Any other help you need call a dealer with your vinnumber and they can give you the paint code. MO

Trouble code P0200 means: Injector Circuit

The paint code is located on the option label in the trunk. -------------------------

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