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Once you get to Cerulean City after going through Mt. Moon, you need to go north and beat the nugget bridge and Gary. Travel as far north then east as you can and you will come across a building opposite to a bridge heading south bridge. Go into the building and talk to the figure that looks like a pokemon, that's bill, then follow his instructions

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Q: Where is the person Bill in Pokemon Yellow?
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Where does Bill live in Pokemon Yellow?

Bill lives to the north of Cerulean City, Route 25.

Who is bill in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

Bill does not appear in Pokemon diamond and pearl, he is mentioned by bebe( the computer person in hearthome). Bill is the computer in Pokemon Gold and Silver.

Where does bill live in Pokemon Sapphire?

Bill is not in Pokemon Sapphire. He is only in Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Crystal, Fire Red, and Leaf Green.

What is the yellow Pokemon that bill tode him in heart gold?

It is pichu, the baby form of pikachu.

Where is Pokemon stadium at Pokemon Yellow?

in Pokemon yellow there is no Pokemon stadium

Who is the person that gives you the Charmander in Pokemon Yellow?

They stand north of Cerulean city.

Where is bill on Pokemon Pearl?

If you are referring to Bill, the guy in Cerulean City of Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen, he isn't in Pokemon Pearl. There is another person, that does the same job as Bill, named Bebe. Her house is next to the Pokemon Center in Hearthrome City.

Where is hm flash?

on Pokemon yellow on Pokemon yellow

Where do you get poliwhirl Pokemon yellow?

poliwhirl is not in pokemon yellow

Where do you learn cut in Pokemon Yellow?

You first have to get the S.S. ticket from Bill then go on board and talk to the captain

Can you get the three legendary dog Pokemon in Pokemon Yellow?

No. They were made after Pokemon Yellow.

How do you get to the SS Anne in Pokemon Yellow without surf?

You don't need surf, just the ticket which you get from Bill after helping him change back from a pokemon into a human.

Can you get Lugia on Pokemon Yellow?

No, you cannot get Lugia on Pokemon Yellow.

Pokemon spark yellow?

There is no Pokemon Spark Yellow game.

Can you trade Pokemon from Pokemon yellow to Pokemon yellow?

Yes you can trade Pokémon between two Pokémon Yellow games.

Where do you get the vs seeker in Pokemon Yellow?

You cant get it in Pokemon Yellow as it was only introduced in Pokemon Firered, and LeafGreen. You can get exp all though in Pokemon yellow.

How do you get out of cerrulean city in Pokemon Yellow?

After you have met Bill and beat Misty you go through the house that has been robbed.

How do you get in house been robbed in Pokemon Yellow?

you must first get the SS Ticket from Bill on the north part of the town.

Pokemon Yellow rare candy?

You can get rare candies in pokemon yellow

Where is farfetch'd on Pokemon Yellow?

In Pokemon Yellow you cant find one

How do you get Onix to evolve in Pokemon Yellow?

In Pokemon Yellow Onix does not evolve, it is a one stage Pokemon.

How do you find all 151 Pokemon in Pokemon Yellow?

The only way to do it (without cheating is to find a Pokemon convention, or some other person) you can find a cheat for it on IGN.

Where is the move deleter in Pokemon Yellow?

There is no move deleter in Pokemon yellow... you have to keep the hm's that you learned your Pokemon

How can you get Togepi in Pokemon Yellow version?

You can't get Togepi in Pokemon Yellow. Togepi does not exist in that Pokemon generation. (:

Where is prime cup in Pokemon Yellow?

The 'Prime Cup' does not exist in Pokemon yellow