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if your lookin at the radiator on the front of the car there is a plug about half way down the left hand sideif you twist and pull that will release water I'm unsure about other models but the kseries 1.4sli this plug is alos the thermostate/fan switch 2

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 11:07:11
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Q: Where is the radiator drainage point on a Rover 400?
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If your rover 400 is overheating and no heat inside is it the thermostst faulty?

check fluid level first if too low you will have air in the system and no heat check for leak or faulty radiator cap

Diagram on how to install a replacement bulb on a rover 400?

You can find a diagram regarding the installation of a replacement ball, on your Range Rover 400, at most Range Rover dealerships. Most auto-parts stores will have the diagram.

How can you bleed a Rover 400 1998 hydraulic clutch?

The Hydraulic clutch fitted to the rover 400 is a sealed unit and the only thing that you can do is to replace the complete unit

Change a thermostat rover 400 diesel where is it located?

The thermostat is located on the front of the engine. Drain the water from the radiator. Remove the water hose. Remove the thermostat housing bolts. Reverse the process to install the new thermostat.

How do you access the fuel pump on a Rover 400?

Remove the Fuel Tank

Where is pollen filter on rover 400?

Filter is located behind the glove box

How much does it cost to replace a radiator in a Infiniti?

The cost to replace a radiator in an Infiniti will vary depending on the mechanic and the price of the radiator. It is estimated that is will cost about $400.

Where is the brake fuse in a rover 400?

Under the bonnet by the battery it also works the horn

How to fit a timing belt on a rover 400?

how often do i have to change the timing belt on my rover400

What substance has a boiling point of 400 degrees Celsius?

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New radiator cost?

Depends on the vehicle. I paid $400 for a new radiator for a '93 BMW wagon not including labor for the install.

Why does the Heater fan not working at all on rover 400?

you need a new heater fan its burnt out

How to bypass fuel pump relay on Rover 400?

You should not bypass the relay. Repair the problem.

Where is the fuel cut off switch rover 400?

On the rover 416 the fuel cut off switch is behind the centre console drivers side, roughly behind the radio.

Where is the relay for the glow plugs on your Rover 400 diesel P reg?

against the bulkhead, next to the ecu

Why would exhaust be coming out the radiator on your 94 polaris 400 scrambler?

Blown headgasket.

How much does it cost to replace a radiator in a Toyota Celica?

I just got a quote for $315 for the radiator and labor and $85 for the thermostat. So $400 for a '95 Celica

How much to replace Head gasket rover 400?

Decent job -everything done which needs doing -about £430.

How do you adjust the headlights on a rover 400?

There is a Philips screw that you can turn in or out, this adjusts the headlights. Or two nuts holding it in at the top.

How many waves pass a point each second for a wave of frequency 400 Hz?

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What is Aluminums melting point?

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Changing front bulbs on rover 400 series?

watch top gear :) only jokin ( dont bang me owt)

Torque settings for a cylinderhead on a Rover 400 v reg?

30 nm 180 degrees repeat 180 degrees.

Dose a rover 400 have a petrol light?'s on the right hand side of the das display, and is yellow when illuminated.

Where is the location of blower motor in Rover 400?

The motor is located behind the glove box. just take shelf out and you will see it.