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One of two places. If the radio was put is when the car was built and the engineers knew what they were doing, it's in the fuse block under the dashboard on the drivers side. Check the fuse diagram first. For some reason I never figured out, most of the time it's an inline fuse in a fuse holder on the 'hot' wire between the fuse block and the radio. If the fuse diagram doesn't mention it, look behind the radio, or under the dash, for a cylinder about 2 inches long by 1/2 inch in diameter.

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Q: Where is the radio fuse for a 1993 Honda civic?
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1993 Honda civic wont start where is fuel fuse?

The fuse box, on your 1993 Honda Civic, is located in the engine compartment. A diagram of the fuses can be found on the inside of the fuse box cover.

How do you replace the fuse for the radio in a 1996 Honda Civic?

ure an idoit

How can i get my light to come on my radio on my 2000 Honda civic?

change the fuse

Where is the fuel reset switch on 1993 Honda civic?

The 1993 Honda Civic fuel reset switch is located in the fuse box. The location of the fuel reset switch will be listed on the inside cover of the fuse box.

What fuse belongs to the radio and the cigarette lighter in a 94 Honda civic?

15 amp

Where is the fuse for the dash lights on a 1993 Honda Civic SI?

Look Under The Dash

Where can you locate the fuse diagram that went on the fuse box lid for a 1993 Honda Civic DX?

wherever you lost it!

Where is the brake light fuse located in Honda civic?

wheres the break fuse on a Honda Civic

Where is the fuse for the stereo in a 1999 Honda Civic LX?

if its a factory radio, then the fuse box... if it's an add on radio, you'll have to trace the power wire to the fuse box or battery d

Honda Civic dx fuse box diagram?

I need a fuse diagram for a 1991 Honda civic DX

Where is the fuse box located on a Honda Civic 1.6 SE?

I am trying to locate the fuse box in a 2003 Honda Civic.

1996 Honda Civic under dash fuse panel diagram?

can you show me a fuse diagram for a 1996 Honda Civic

Where is the fuse for the brake lights for a 1994 Honda civic?

The brake light fuse for a 1995 Honda Civic is found in the cabin fuse box. The fuse is labeled as STOP.

Where can you a fuse box diagram for a 1993 Honda Civic?

I bought the fuse box cover as well as the small decal that shows all of the fuses at the local Honda dealer for my 92 Civic for about $10. Check with them. Don't forget that there are two fuse boxes for the 1993 Civic; one is below and to the left of the steering column, the other is in the rear of the engine compartment on the passenger's side.

Where is the fuse for 2008 Honda Civic tail lights?

2008 Honda Civic tail light fuse is # 15 under the dash.

Where is the fuel main relay located in a 1993 Honda civic dx?

Under the hood in the fuse/relay center.

Where can you find a diagram for the fuse box on a 1995 Honda Civic si?

Where can you find a diagram for the fuse box on a 1995 Honda civic si?"

What is the location of the tail light fuse in a 2008 Honda Civic?

2008 Honda Civic tail light fuse is #15 under the dash.

Honda civic 2001 fuse box daigram?

The 2001 Honda Civic fuse box diagram can be found on the inside cover of the fuse box. The fuse box can be located in the engine compartment.

WHERE DO I FIND Fuse box 2001 Honda Civic ex DIAGRAM?

2001 honda civic under hood fuse box in slot 18 60amp fuse (EPS) what does this fuse control?

Where is the cigarette lighter fuse exactly located at on a 2001 Honda Civic?

The cigarette lighter fuse is located in the cabin fuse box on a 2001 Honda Civic. The fuse can be found in slot 18.

I need a 1993 Honda civic lx fuse box diagram cover telling me what fuse is for what?

To find a 1993 Honda Civic LX fuse box diagram, consult a Chilton's Automotive Repair manual. They have catalogs for automotive repair for many vehicles. This book might be available for free at a local library or for about $25 at an automotive parts store.

Where can I find a picture of a 1995 Honda Civic fuse box diagram?

google images.. search "1995 Honda Civic fuse box diagram"

What would cause the brake horn fuse to keep blowing out on a 1993 Honda Civic LX?

A short circuit somewhere.

Why sre there no interior or instrument lights for 1993 civic?

If the dash lights of a 1993 Honda Civic do not work than there is most likely a problem with the dash fuse. When it blows all the gauges will cease to function.