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The radio fuse is used for the CD player on a 2003 Honda Accord. To reset the radio pulled the specified fuse out of the fuse box.

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Q: Which fuse resets the radio CD in the 2003 Honda Accord?
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Why does my radio in my 2003 Honda Accord lx not work?

You're radio is not working because the circuit board may be the problem. If you have less than 105 k miles on you're Honda accord then I would suggest that you take it in to get the circuit board replaced on you're radio.

How to unluck a radio on a Honda acord 2003?

get the code

How do you find the Honda CR-V radio code?

Try referring to your owner's manual! you also have the second option of contacting the customer service department at Honda Check the link below: Just press radio number #1 and 6 at the same time and the radio code will appear.

What is the code for the radio on a Honda Accord?

The code in the Glove box is just the serial number to the stereo, It is not the unlock code itself. Call a Honda dealer and give them this number. They should give you the code for free. They did for me.

How do you reset your 1991 Honda Accord radio code?

Answer"there is only one code it can be. Is the one you have for that radio serial number. If so, remove the No. 39(7.5A) fuse from the under hood fuse/relay box for 10 seconds. Reinstall the fuse and turn on the radio, the word 'CODE' should be displayed. From there simply enter the 5-digit code by pressing the radio preset numbers. If it doesn't work you have the wrong code(s). You'd have to remove the radio and get the serial number off the top of the radio and call a HONDA dealer with it and then they can tell you what the correct code is." Rick found at following directions is how I got my radio to work again after having the battery changed.Leaving the radio off at this pointTurn the car key over without turning the engine onBefore turning the radio on press and hold down 1and 6 at the same timeWhile holding down 1 and 6 turn the car radio onThe car radio message will still read "Code"Stop holding down 1 and 6 (this unlocks the anti-theft deviceNow just enter the car radio's code.My radio-code for a 1991 Honda Accord is 35511The radio will just come onNote: You only have 3 chances before the anti-theft device locks you out so follow the directions. If you have already tried several time and the above directions don't work then drive it for awhile and wait until the next day then try again, which is what I ended up doing and it worked perfectly. I thought that when I held down 1 and 6 that some magical new code would appear but it did not, the car radio still read 'Code" so don't worry that no numbers appear. Holding down 1 and 6 releases the anti-theft device