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where is the rear AC blower on the Chevy Astro 98


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need to install rear heat to my Chevy astro it already have rear air condition

gants, I have Denali 2004, the rear AC blower not working

where is rear blower motor resistor on a 2001 odyssey

Vacuum hose that runs over the thermostat housing is leaking at that location.

how do you fix chevy 20 ac to blow in correct vents

Compressors going bad on the AC <-- NO not probable. Maybe the blower motor going our or a relay or sensor

hi the ac blower motor from Nissan quest 2004 is going to on the back is on the 3rd panel raight side

Its located on the accumulator...................

why the engine gets hot when i turn on the Chevy astro van.

The AC low side service port on a 1999 Chevy Astro van is located next to the firewall. It is the port that is closest to the evaporator.

The amount of Freon that goes into a 1995 Chevy Suburban depends on whether or not their is just front AC or front and rear AC. If the Chevy Suburban on front AC only it takes 3.0 pounds of r134a Freon. If there is front and rear AC then it takes4.25 pounds of r134a Freon.

Chevy G20 - Mark III Conversion Is under the floor on the driver side, somewhere in the area where is the window behind the driver's seat.

Rear driver side van wall. Look for louvers in the finish.

i'm also having the same problem

By blower I assume you the motor.It is located under the hood,where the right inner & outer fender meet the firewall.

Have you checked your liftgate fuse? In my 2006 Yukon, when the liftgate fuse went out the rear ac wouldn't work nor would the electric locks for the liftgate itself.

There is one for the AC compressor clutch and one for the blower motor high speed.

The blower motor would be located under the hood, on the firewall, close to the passenger side fender.

A bad diode can cause the 10a fuse to blow. (it looks like a fuse that is located above and left of the AC fuse)

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